Thistle Seed..Easy Handling and Feeding




Introduction: Thistle Seed..Easy Handling and Feeding

Anyone who feeds thistle seed to birds knows that there can be problems due to the small size and weight of the seed.  A little prep work will provide the tools to easily fill your feeders.

Plastic gallon milk jug with lid, clean and dry
2-liter soft drink bottle, also clean and dry


HOW-TO (the hard part)
Cut off the bottom 2/3 of a 2-liter bottle to create a funnel.  That's all.

The top of the 2-liter bottle is the funnel.  Position it inside the mouth of the milk jug and use a measuring cup or empty, clean cottage cheese carton to transfer the seed from the original bag to the milk jug.  You will need 4 milk jugs for a 20# bag of thistle seed.  Put the caps back on the milk jugs to seal them from moisture.

To refill your feeders, just take a jug of seed out and pour the seed into the feeder, just as you would fill a glass with milk.



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