Thomas Bangalter Alive 2007 Helmet Replica





Introduction: Thomas Bangalter Alive 2007 Helmet Replica

Hello! This is my first submission to Instructables. I was going to make it in to an Instructable, but a lot of things came up and I didn't have time. Well, here it is. Its not perfect, (I had to make it in less then a week and a half) and this was my first time making anything like this what so ever. The helmet is flat black with red sound controlled EL wire. I wore this for Halloween, and I got a lot of attention from it! helped me a lot through out this time consuming process. It took forever and it took a lot of sanding but it was worth it! I might be making an Instructable soon-ish. Please vote for my Slideshow in the Halloween Contest.  (Oh, and I'm Sorry most of the pictures are really blurry, I had to use my cell phone camera). Constructive Criticism is welcome!



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Oh, and there isn't going to be an instructable.. I lost all pictures, and, I dont have much time. Like, at all. haha

how do you make the helmet base

I did an Alive encore version of Guy Manuel, check it out : )

That is amazing! I wish I had the patience to do a mold for helmets. They look so much better!

Dude, can I just buy one from you? Me and building stuff don't get along real well.

Maybe actually.. It would be pretty expensive though.. email me.

were is the instructable

i meant like you forgot to put EL wire on it sorry T-T

it looks like you forgot the mouth slit but pretty awesome none the less