Thomas the Tank Engine Costume Prop





Introduction: Thomas the Tank Engine Costume Prop

A few years ago my son was enfactuated with Thomas. We came up with this costume prop for his halloween costume. He was a train engineer and Thomas was his ride through the neighborhood. This was so much fun and he was the hit of the neighborhood!

Step 1: Gather All Your Supplies

See Supply List:

Step 2: Gather All Your Tools

See Tool List:

Step 3: Paint & Assemble Thomas

Sorry not many photos of the work in progress, here is a step by step I've prepared.

Step 4: Have Fun!

Now you too can ride around the neighborhood in style on Halloween. If you have a child that tires easily, it is great because you can get the trick or treating done fast and easy without any complaining that his legs are tired. Plus Thomas hold all of that heavy loot! Have fun and be safe!



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    ....once i grow up XD im 14 WOOT AWSOME OMFG!!!!!!! im going to make this for my children

    Thanks GeorgeMorgan... Actually, I'm the Mom, this is my brainchild, but Dad really helped get it together. The look on my son's face as we pushed him through the neighborhood was priceless, have fun!

    Okay, this is a great Dad!!! Thanks I'm inspired.