Picture of Thomas Train Bed
So I decided to build a Thomas Train bed for my son, who, like many boys his age, loooooves Thomas the train. Got my design inspiration from another train bed design on instructables.com, hopefully a lot simpler to make. 

Step 1: Sketchup

Picture of Sketchup
First I drew up the bed in Google Sketchup. This bed was designed for a standard twin size mattress 39" x 75". 

You can download the sketchup file here. You need the Google Sketchup program (free version is enough) to open it. 
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Lkallus12 days ago

hi guys, you all are quite amazing what you have done with these plans. I am a novice and I'm trying to do this. For someone like me who has very little experience, how did you make that arc for the rooftop? I'm trying to freehand it and it looks terrible.

Also, how are people fastening the pipe to the top of the engine head? I like the smokestack look but don't know how they fasten the pipe to the top. I am doing my best, but somethings I'm just not sure how to do. I wish the instructions were a little more detail? Like also how to fasten everything together. Thanks for help! Laura

terry.elvers made it!4 months ago

I made this for my 4 year old, according to your plans. I did make a few changes...

1) I made a frame for it, so I could incorporate two full-extension drawers.

2) Obviously, I made James instead (my son's favorite)

3) Incorporated 2 LED lights in the cab for reading at night

He LOVES it! Thanks so very much, without your guidance and plans, I never would have attempted it.

raptor23 (author)  terry.elvers4 months ago

Very cool! I initially wanted to design the drawers as well but gave that up as my wife was getting impatient ... :D Thanks for sharing

Anybody have an estimate of the cost to build?
terry.elvers made it!6 months ago

Thanks so much for the inspiration. I did a take off of your design, and did "James". The things I did differently are:

1) I made a frame for the bed, with pull-out drawers.

2) Added the buffers on the front (end caps from sewer pipes)

3) Added LED lights in the cab so he can read.

4) An artist friend hand panted the James face.

This was a great project, and my 5 year old son LOVES it. I rally appreciate the plans, etc - could not (would not) have attempted it without them.


theSTRUKTURE9 months ago

Did you hand paint Thomas's face or did you buy decal?

abeliaeva1 year ago

Thank you for the awesome instructions! We are about to try our own version of this for our just turned two little man! Quick question about the face... Namely: how? :) Can't figure out the exact way to do it...

raptor23 (author)  abeliaeva1 year ago

I printed the Thomas face on paper, then basically glued it on to the wood - try google "decoupage". Alternatively, if you are talented, try what adams070707 did - directly paint it on the wood.

For decoupage, you need a bottle of Mod Podge from HD or walmart. Put 1 coat (some suggested mix 50/50 w/ water) on the back of the wood and on the back of your Thomas printout. Glue it on and roll it flat with a roller. Let it dry a bit and add another coat over the printout to seal it in. I did mess up couple times before finally getting it right :).

Good luck.

Ah, awesome! Thank you! Will definitely try it out, and put some pics up when we're done!
adams070707 made it!1 year ago

I asked my dad about a month before Christmas to make this bed for my son (his only grandchild), so of course he did! Working headlights and a train horn (that has an "off" switch...thank goodness!) My talented sister did the wall mural! So, technically "I" didn't make anything, but I did ask the right people! My son LOVES his new big boy room! :)

raptor23 (author)  adams0707071 year ago
Thank you for sharing. This is indeed above and beyond. Your son is so lucky to have such a loving and talented family.
cafrey11 made it!1 year ago

We also used these plans to build a bed for our grandson, it was a hit!! I also used the mod podge to do the wheels and the lights.

raptor23 (author)  cafrey111 year ago
Nice work with the wheels and lights. Looks like both kids are loving it!
pd'ostroph1 year ago
I found your instructions and thought I would give it a try. My son is crazy for Thomas the Tank, and I thought it would make a great Christmas present. I took a collaboration of all the posts and customized it a bit. I made the roof taller, added some extra wheels and whistles, and put the steering wheel on. The light is LED and is held on with a magnet, so he can detach it and find his toys in the storage. Thank you for posting this. The late nights in Santa's workshop made it all worth while, when I saw him so excited and smiling all day...
1509165_10201723929797836_1377637186_n.jpg1507891_10201723716312499_1006723206_n (2).jpg1544982_10201723716992516_57636535_n.jpg1521727_10201723717552530_1192800441_n.jpg1509165_10201723929797836_1377637186_n.jpg1507891_10201723716312499_1006723206_n (2).jpg1544982_10201723716992516_57636535_n.jpg1521727_10201723717552530_1192800441_n.jpg1509165_10201723929797836_1377637186_n.jpg1544982_10201723716992516_57636535_n.jpg
raptor23 (author)  pd'ostroph1 year ago

Good work! The bed gets more and more fancy, I wish I thought about all these bells & whistles my original design. Cheers!

pd'ostroph1 year ago
few more pics
Jenris2 years ago
Yep, we did build and paint Thomas in our living room. We did all the cutting outside but it's winter here and we were painting in the evening after the little man was in bed so we set ourselves up in the house with the heating. We have two living areas so it wasn't too annoying and made us keep our noses to the grindstone!

Thanks for posting your design. We're not woodworkers (hence no workshop!) but we've been able to build our little guy an awesome bed. He's been sleeping in it for a month or so now and hasn't once got out of bed to wander around like most toddlers!
Jenris2 years ago
Been meaning to take some better pics and upload them for you raptor23 but keep running out of time so here are a few from my phone but at least it'll give you an idea of our son's Thomas bed. Son's bedroom is quite small so it's tough to get a good pic now that it's in place. It took a little time to convert all the dimensions to mm and to suit an Aussie mattress but we got there in the end. We added wheels, a light and a steering wheel. We had to extend our ducted heating and add a vent in the side between the wheels too. We had great fun making it and 2 year old loves his bed!
raptor23 (author)  Jenris2 years ago
Glad to see train bed design going international! Thanks for sharing.

And, I have to ask - did you actually build/paint the bed in the middle of what appears to be your living room?!
ctedelen2 years ago
I just used these plans to build my sons bed. I made a few small modifications though. I extended the roof up so i wouldnt have to worry about him, or me, bumping his head, extended the engine part out some and added a smoke stack and light. I am looking for a way to add some sound effects that are picture button controlled. Thanks so much for these plans, it was exactly what i was looking for, and he loves it.
13, 5:50 PM.jpg13, 5:50 PM.jpg
raptor23 (author)  ctedelen2 years ago
I love getting notifications from instructables telling me that another cool Thomas Train bed was made for a lucky kid who was probably jumping & screaming at the sight of the bed. Thanks for sharing!
raptor23 (author) 2 years ago
Wow cparson0413 - excellent work! The lights, the train wheels ... and the funnel - awesome details! I am so happy to see your post, you made my day.
BTW..... we added a battery operated light to the front to act as the lantern. It's great as a night light!
raptor23: what a great job! Just like natebowers11, I too made a few adjustments. However, would have not been close to thinking about your design. My Grandson never knew I was making it and just about lost his mind when he saw it. My son and daughter-in-law have been trying to get him into his own bed. Now, they can't get him out of it!
photo (5).JPGimage (3).jpegimage (4).jpegimage (5).jpegimage (6).jpegimage (7).jpegphoto (2).JPGphoto (3).JPGphoto (4).JPGphoto (5).JPGimage (3).jpegimage (4).jpegimage (5).jpegimage (6).jpegimage (7).jpegphoto (2).JPGphoto (3).JPGphoto (4).JPG
raptor23 wanted to thank you for the post and share my photos. kid loves the bed. changed a few things along the way but never would have thought of this idea on my own. great job. Nate
1-27-13 gav thomas bed.jpg1-27-13 gav thomas bed (3).jpg
raptor23 (author)  natebowers112 years ago
Nate, that was awesome! And you got the matching bedding too! Thanks very much for sharing, enjoy :)
rehyburg2 years ago
Excellent! Thank you for the VERY detailed instructions. My 2.5 y/o is going to love this! One question...can you tell me what thickness MDF you suggest? Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.
1/8 mdf works best for the bends, you have to wet it first and let it soak so it won't snap when you bend it for the head.
rtrulove2 years ago
Omg my son is going to go NUTS over this! Awesome work! Quick question though....did you put a platform of some sort under the mattress? Or is there just a box spring on the ground with the mattress on top?
raptor23 (author)  rtrulove2 years ago
rtrulove: yes I have a box spring underneath. It's about the same dimension as the mattress itself. Alternatively, you could use a plywood platform or slats with proper support. Good luck.
Hi, Thanks so much for these amazing instructions. By any chance do you still have the computer file you drew the plans in? Thanks so much for sharing. Lauren
raptor23 (author)  LaurenDufour2 years ago
Got quite a few requests for the computer file, so I decided to upload it online. You can download the file from here, and you need Google Sketchup software to open it. Have fun.

P.S. Feel free to post photos if you ended up making one as well.

embochner2 years ago
what kind of paint/finish did you use?
raptor23 (author)  embochner2 years ago
embochner - I used regular wall paint from HD for the blue and spray paint cans for the red and espresso, plus 2 coats of polyurethane.

BTW ... Thanks all for the nice comments :)

looks great i might build this for my nephew
c-face2 years ago
Thanks! My kid is going to love this!!!
tqwerty2 years ago
Great job!
Although, I believe that he is called "Thomas the Tank Engine"
Keep up the good work :D
bajablue2 years ago
First Class Instructable... and super-cute, too!!!
danlynne072 years ago
wow. you are talented. i wish i could make this for my son.
mikolynn2 years ago
Amazing! I only miss some boxes down the bed but anyway... Really great!
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