Thorn Removal Home Hack Urban Farming by OpenInvent


Introduction: Thorn Removal Home Hack Urban Farming by OpenInvent

Hi this is my first instructable I founded a group called openInvent because I am not mentally incompetent you can join this group via these links and on facebook This instructable will help you get rid of thorns. You will need a pool noodle, a mop a spare hanger and some tape. Some flip flops will help but they are optional, I used a knife to cut the pool noodle to size.

My total cost was under 3 dollars since I already had flip flops.

This can be improved anyway you'd like but I will keep it simple.

Please post pics of your finished tools please.

Step 1: Goat Head and Bull Head Thorn Removal

The best way to remove thorns permanently is with a flame thrower but for most of us we don't have access to that so... we need to identify the plant tribulus terrestrius and remove it as well as get rid of the thorns.

This tool will help and so will flip flops in the thorn removal step however rains can unearth thorns at a later date. The idea is a foam roller to get the thorns.

STEP 1 Get the parts a foam noodle and hanger and stick or mop stick

STEP 2 Cut the foam pool noodle to the length of the hanger

STEP 3 Break the hanger at the center point and bend to slide pool noodle thru you may need to use a metal hanger if you bought a solid noodle

STEP 4 Tape the hanger to the mopstick

STEP 5 Roll on the ground and the thorns stick to the noodle not your shoes out or pets feet (next page)

STEP 6 Remove the plant (page after next)

Step 2: Using the Tool

Hold the stick and roll the tool over the ground. Use flip flops and thorns will stick to that too if not better than the tool itself. An improvement is foam snow shoes for thorn removal. Eventually you will need to get the thorns off the foam, I used my flip flop and smack them off into a trash can so thorns don't poke my hand.

Here's the short link for the same thorns slide show and here is the plant in bing search (sign up for rewards

Step 3: Look for the Plant and Remove It.

Plants that cause stickers and thorns can be removed with weed wackers, by hand, or flame.

Look for this plant I had a pic but it was not my own so I couldn't publish the instructable. Since I don't have this plant in my yard anymore it's hard to get an original picture.

This instructable was published by Ember Leona of openInvent. I wish i could afford a gellatin hydroponics instructable for urban farming; That idea is actually a science project to study root growth and affinity to stimulus see my blurb in openInvent Digest Vol. 1



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    9 Discussions

    So are you removing thorns from a plant? I'm not clear on the use - a photo showing it in use would help.

    For a second go at a thorn remover i would create snow shoes than cover that with yogamat material but that was way more expensive that this roller.

    I pssed that option up in the dollar tree store. I thought maybe if you ducktape a yogamat over it the thorns would stick better. the roller has metal on the inside and was a thicker diameter than the pool noodle. but if you try it post pic. let me know if the thorns tick to the painter roller fabric and if you cant keep it clean or if the dirt just rinses off

    Great idea! I'll have to try it. Those goat heads are a pain!

    1 reply

    the flip flops really help in the whole process also you may have to cut your weeds first before you use the roller

    What a great idea! Had to read the whole instructable to understand what you were making it for, but I figure to pick up thorns off the ground to stop you standing on them?

    1 reply

    I did this for my dog she would go outside to pee and come back hopping on three legs with a thorn.

    Please excuse my bad photos its hard to hold the tablet use the flashlight app on my phone press the capture button and do something at the same time. Here are some short links pics of thorn plant and the thorns