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Introduction: Thor's Hammer

Step 1: The Hammer

Hello all,

The is the first time I’m actually posting on the site, I usually just get inspiration from all the amazing artist/creators on here. Been long enough, so I finally decided to share my recent project: Thor’s hammer.

I’ve seen a bunch of different tutorials for building a Thor hammer, from wood/plastic/foam/etc.. But I wanted to share my slightly different approach. I went wood, but went solid rather than hollow. I made a block of six 6x10’S, then incased it from all sides with the then beveled pieces of wood I cut on the table saw. Only the sides were different wood (1/8th ply wood), same ply wood was used for the cap. Used a 1 1/4th dowel for the handle, about three inches deep. After wood filler was dried, sanded then prime/paint. After the clear coat dried, applied the weathered look with a damp rag and black acrylic paint. Few more clear coats, and it’s pretty much finished. I made a pretty plain looking hammer first time go round, then one with the proper inscriptions. Thank you for reading.



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I think you did a great job! But just a tip for the future add more pictures and steps to make it easier to follow. But other than that great job!

Hey Flash, thanks for the feedback/tip! I never intended to post any of my work, so I didn't have picture of the steps leading up to the finished product (I wish I had), so figured I'd leave a quick synopsis of the project with a few pictures. But I'll be sure to document the steps going forward to made it easier to follow. Thanks again!

Thanks for the feedback! The inscription was done with a Dremel.

Thor's hammer is called Mjølner.


Oh how I would have liked to see the process but I am SO, so proud of you for posting!

How did you do the inscriptions? Just scratch it into the paint or write it with a thin tipped marker?