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Introduction: Thor's Hammer Toilet Brush

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In this instructable I am going to show you how I made my toilet brush look like Thor's Hammer. A colleague of mine had the idea and I thought it was awesome. I originally wasn't going to post an instrucable, because I thought the build was too easy, but multiple of my friends told me post it. So here we go.

I hope you still enjoy it even though it is a bit shorter than my usual instructables.

Step 1: 3D Printing Files

I used this toilet brush, because I wanted to use a long lasting one with an exchangeable head. You can of course use whichever one you like, but make sure that the head isn't too big; otherwise the hammer has to be huge to house it.

I used the design from my screw driver kit.

Start by printing all the files. I build the hammer before I had my Ultimaker, so I had to print the handle in two parts. I've uploaded two versions of the handle so you can pick which one you would like to print depending on your printer size.

The body of the hammer consists of 4 parts (2x Runes.stl, HammerBody01.stl and HammerBody02.stl), so that no support structures are needed.

Step 2: Glueing and Using Filler

Glue the 3D printed parts together. I used a glue especially for hard plastics and it worked really well. Afterward I used a car body filler to close the holes and sanded the pieces.

To make sure that all the cracks were definitely closed, I used two thin layer of XTC 3D and sanded the pieces once again.

Step 3: Painting

In order to paint the pieces, I used a spray filler primer and then Gun Metal Colour Primer by Army Painter. Afterwards I painted the sections from the hammer handle brown.

I wanted to give the hammer a slightly weathered look. So I used some diluted black paint, to add some depth to the pieces, as shown in the last two pictures of this step.

After you are done use clear coat to seal the piece.



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    Haha really cool, on my TODO list for my house

    Exceptionally cool. I have a Micro 3D and can't wait to try this. "If he be worthy, he can clean the commode!" LOL

    Check with your local library. The main branch in Jacksonville, Fl has one for patron use and plans for one in each branch. Nice to see our tax dollars doing something good!

    Very cool.

    I'm not currently in a position to build or purchase 3D printing services, but you have inspired me to take a different approach to the project. :)

    I agree,I would love a 3d printer but until they drop in price, I'll need to do it the old fashioned way

    Thank you! I would love to see a picture, should you make it. Starting November 21st a "Remix Contest" is going to take place. Maybe you can enter it.

    Awesome way to hide an ugly nasty brush!

    My son would claim he was unworthy, therefore unable to clean the toilet.

    ok so now how do you do it without a 3d printer