Picture of Thread Lampshade
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A Thread lampshade is a super easy and pretty lampshade that can be made with just simple thread/string, glue and an inflatable ball. It's fun to create and doesn't even take a lot of time! plus the whole lampshade is super cheap- can be made for under $10!
it can be used to decorate your personal room, halls or they make perfect wedding decorations!

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
  • Thread - 250 metres- (you can use crotchet thread, simple twine, cotton yarn or thin jute yarn- all have their unique effects)
  • Glue - 1 bottle- it's the main ingredient!
  • Inflatable rubber ball
  • A bulb with a bulb holder
  • A long wire with a 2-pin plug
  • Permanent marker
  • Empty tic-tac box
  • newspapers ( to spread on your work station to prevent a mess)

note - if you cannot find a thin inflatable rubber ball, a round balloon can also be used. However, I would advise you to use an inflatable rubber ball- because hey it's reusable!

American Ruin8 months ago

Super groovy!

Neat, and very stylish XD

WyeDoc made it!9 months ago

Great idea! I made this to spice up an old lantern floor lamp I have but with a twist. I made two holes (top and bottom) and a frame to hang the light bulbs from. I also added tissue paper to the inside to diffuse the light a bit. Thanks for the Instructable!

Photo Jun 24, 9 45 44 AM.jpg

Thanks for sharing :)

advaym (author)  WyeDoc9 months ago

Your lampshades look amazing!

Watermelon1239 months ago

Amazing, great job.

This is awesome and I love that you use a ball that you can reuse to make a bunch of these. And it's a nice round shape that's hard to get with a balloon!

Mielameri9 months ago
This looks fantastic! Thanks ! And the tic-tac glue coating method is brilliant :)
Bill WW9 months ago

Really great design, I love it!

A question - what is the generic type of glue?

Voted for you in the glue contest, of course.

advaym (author)  Bill WW9 months ago

thank you!
I've used 'Fevicol', which is a very commonly available glue in my country. it's basically a synthetic resin/white adhesive.

ffrisell9 months ago
Very nice! A lamp like that will be needed in my new house. I will try to get some "african" feel to it since we are moving to Zambia. Maybe thin roots or long grass instead of yarn... hmmm...
advaym (author)  ffrisell9 months ago
you can use a thick brown jute thread to make it. that should give it an authentic african feel.
stechi9 months ago

Good explanation, and I like the glue applicator. But I think some comments are in order about the RISK of FIRE. Light bulbs, especially the incandescent type, get really got after a while. Commercial lampshades have a BIG hole at the top to let hot air out. They also have a kind of spider that holds the lampholder in the middle of the big hole. I'm just worried that the heat could start a fire, maybe only after while. That would be bad. Even with bulbs that don't generate so much heat, like LEDs or CFLs, a fault could create some heat and the shade could BURN.

advaym (author)  stechi9 months ago

I've made two lampshades like this including once that's been in use everyday since a year! and believe me, there is no actual fire hazard.
The bulb I've used is a mere 15 watt small bulb. moreover, by virtue of using thin thread the heat gets dissipated and the lampshade doesn't really heat up!