Picture of Thread Organizer out of a Cork Board and Toothpicks
I cant tell you how many times I go digging in my sewing box and find all of the spools of thread twisted together! This project is going to make your sewing days a dream cruise...well, something like that. It's cute, cheap, and keeps you organized and I love organized.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

Picture of What You Will Need:
What You Will Need:
-Cork Board
-Toothpicks (notice mine are little umbrellas. Hey, do what you can with what you have, right!)
-Measuring tape or ruler
-Marker or Pen
-A nail or pin to hang it up
Nice! I know what my mom is getting for Mother's Day :-)
Oh, so cute! I am definitely making something like this to go in my new crafting area.
fcnails made it!1 year ago

Perfect for seeing the thread you need. I used finishing nails on mine. If I have a matching bobbin, I store it under the thread. Thanks for the idea!

OMG I really needed a thread holder, and my kids didn't take the not so subtle hints the last couple of Xmases!! Love your idea, but how did your toothpicks hold up?
inator3 years ago
Great idea, I tried this and it makes all my thread much more manageable.
nancyCpants3 years ago
How brilliant. I just thought of a fun modification of this:

A piece of scrap wood or similar wrapped in pretty fabric, using finishing nails as the pegs. How nice would that look in your sewing area?