I have a small obsession with cameras, also, a slightly smaller obsession with film cameras. 

My favourite camera is Lubitel 166B. It is a medium format camera, this basically means it has a large image area to capture photos, using the larger 120mm film.

The Lubitel's were twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras. They have a little pop up cover on top, you then look down through the viewfinder. The nature of holding the camera like this will getting the settings set up for the shot can sometimes be a pain, so having a nice strap to hold it at the correct height, and nice and steady is a great idea.

I wanted a nice well made hard-wearing reliable strap. The Lubitels were Russian made (read indestructable) but I did not fancy dropping it eitherway.

I developed the following technique of wrapping leather with thread to get a decent loop, I may have seen something somewhere that inspired me, but it was on a subconscious level.

I think the final feel fits the vintage style of the camera, however it will look just as good on a modern DSLR, or Micro 4/3rds camera.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools needed include -
  • Some nice slightly supple leather, about 3mm thick should do. I used an old leather belt of mine, belts are normally plenty long enough, and proper leather ones will work nicely.
  • A couple of keyrings (the round slip rings)
  • A spool of thread
  • A normal household stapler
  • PVA/Elmers Wood glue
  • Good sharp knife
I absolutely HATE the &quot;straps&quot; that came with some of my old film cameras, and I've been looking for new straps and ways to attach them. <br><br>This is a nice way of adding a vintage look to a vintage-looking camera! I might have to try this on one of my cameras. :) I'm thinking of buying &quot;colored&quot; keyrings from strapworks.com to add even more interest. Hmmm.
Sounds great! Make sure to show me some pictures if you make any!

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