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A guru bead is a three holed bead that is used to finish Buddhist malas or prayer beads.
Also known as the 'mother bead'.
There are a few methods for stringing beads. This method works best for wooden beads or beads with larger holes. 

To complete you will need:
1 guru bead (plus tower)
1 small crochet hook (1mm or less) 

Step 1: Stringing

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Push string through bead as you would a normal bead. 

Step 2: Pulling Through

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Insert crochet hook into other side of the bead and pull the other end of the string through.

Now you should have a bead with two strings going opposite directions.

Step 3: Repeat

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insert the crochet hook into the third hole and pull strings out (one by one).
Try to grab the whole string rather than just part of it or it will frey.

Step 4: Finished

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Thread both threads through the tower (you can use the crochet hook to pull them through)
This can also be done with a length of wire see my other instrctions.


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