Threading a Guru Bead 3





Introduction: Threading a Guru Bead 3

A guru bead is a three holed bead that is used to finish Buddhist malas or prayer beads.
Also known as the 'mother bead'.
The problem with them can be they can be really hard to thread.

This method is for particularly difficult beads (small gemstone beads are often particularly hard). 

To complete you will need:
1 guru bead (plus tower)
cotton or silk thread 

1 length of thin beading wire (or a crochet hook) 

Step 1: Thread the Bead

Use the thin thread to thread the bead. (Using either the wire or the crochet hook) see "how to thread a guru bead 1" or "how to thread a guru bead 2" for how to do this. 

Step 2: Tie the String

Tie the thin thread to the ends of your string. Make sure the knots are really tight.

Step 3: Pull Through

Pull the string through the bead.

Step 4:

Thread both threads through the tower.


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For beads with really small holes tie the cotton on tight then pull op string so it will not move and cut the nylon string really close to the cotton thread then pull through using slow continuous pressure.