Picture of Threading the ITP Singer 534 Stylist
We've added a classic singer 534 to the shop so y'all beginners don't have to wrestle with the Juki. Here is a guide on how to thread it.

P.S. the pressure foot should be up before you start!

Step 1: Place the thread on the spool pin (over the felt)

Picture of Place the thread on the spool pin (over the felt)
Notice that the tread is coming out underhanded, i.e. down the right side and across the bottom
msiatuu5 months ago

I'm BAMBOZZLED , could a Kind Hearted person tell me, What I do with the thread from the Bottom spoil! do I try to thread it threw that TINY OHH so Tiny hole in the same needle as the other?????

nickitzi2 years ago
I have this machine for some years now, I think I got this in 1978.
It is used to sew everything from jeans to motorcycle seat covers and leather.
I posted a copy of the manual on the web site SCRIBD.COM
Look up Singer 534 stylist manual, you will need to upload one to download one.
Parts for this can be found at SEW4LESS.COM.
rileydoll985 years ago
I'm looking for the accessories that came with this machine. Does anyone have any extras? rileydoll98@aol.com
Try ebay
bkwojton9 years ago
I followed these instructions to thread the machine but my bobbin thread keeps getting jammed. I think maybe I put the bobbin in wrong. Do you have any instructions for that?
Could send you a pic also of how the manual says to do it?
aynglrose8 years ago
Well thank God for the diagram on how to thread this machine. Now how and where do I oil it? I had this machine given to me and I really need to oil it. My e-mail is aynglrose@yahoo.com
Still want to know where to oil it? Could send you a scan of where the manual says to oil it at?
Wow. We got this exact machine for $1 at an auction. I'm going to try to get it sewing!! The pressure foot won't come up (the lever seems locked in place). Is that normal for this machine or is there some sort of unlock button?
Try oiling it.
This machine is great!  Once I got it threaded correctly, it purrs.
The presser foot comes up now too, I'm not sure what was up with it before *shrug*.

Place the bobbin in the hole, guide the thread down through the slanty-slot closest to you, then up through the slot to the left of that and straight back over the bobbin.
I'm not sure if it makes a difference which way the bobbin goes.
Here's a video of how to thread the bobbin!

There's also a full schematic document available here:

quilter10126 years ago
Thank you so much for posting this! I was able to figure out how to thread it, and otherwise I would not have been able to. Many thanks!
Ah! Someone else has one too ... so could you be so kind as to create a sequel, one that explains the secret to threading/placing the bobbin in such a way as to allow for consistent raising? We keep trying on this inherited machine and the bobbin thread raises only once in a while.
Hey, grabbing sands,
What I have learned, is if it does not come up every' single time, then either something is damaged, or you are not threading it right. Make sure you are, otherwise you will have the issue you are having.
maffiou9 years ago
Good one... Not That I'm ever using this equipment, but for my whole childhood, I've been contemplating my mother's with some kind of amazement... The complexity of it always appealed to me for some strange reason. Maybe once I inherit this piece of equipment, I'll become the next Gaultier or Galliano...