Picture of Five Dollar Bike Light
If you have ever looked at bike lights you already know, they are expensive! I found myself in need of a light, and unwilling to pay a high price. So I did what I often do, I stopped at the hardware store and got to work!

As with all of my projects, I made it at TechShop! (

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
For the $5 Bike light you need:

2 3-1/2 inch LED Flashlights
2 3/4 inch PVC Slip T-Fittings
2 #2 Pipe Hangers
1 piece of 3/4 PVC (about an inch)
1 1/2 inch long 1/4-20 bolt and nut.




Paint (I used Truck Bed Coating)

Step 2: Cut the T-Fittings

Picture of Cut the T-Fittings
The T-Fitting internal diameter is smaller than the body of the flashlight. We are going to use this to our advantage, to provide clamping force to keep it stable.

Slit the T- fittings as shown. I prefer to do this on the bottom, where it will not be seen.

Step 3: Connect the T-Fittings

Picture of Connect the T-Fittings
Using your small piece of pipe, attache the T-Fittings as shown.

I didn't use glue. The pipe and fitting fit together tight enough to hold together. You could alternatively use screw or long pop rivets to secure the fittings.

Step 4: Connect the Hangers

Picture of Connect the Hangers

On my version, I cut the conduit hanger to remove the end bolt. I did this simply because I thought it looked better.

Using the 1/4-20 bolt and nut, attach the two hangers as shown.


jamesk8915 months ago

Cars come with two headlights so why can't bike lights be sold as a double.This is a simple and cheap solution to the question.As a comparison , I looked on ebay and they cost around $25-$30 + postage depending on where you live.These materials , I already had and then bought two torches that have a flashing red beacon on the end for $2 each.The result , twin headlights + twin warning lights all in one housing that can be reveresed and used either on front or back of bike.

awinter155 made it!6 months ago

Thanks so much for posting this! Your project is very clever and the instructions are great as well. I enjoyed making this and use it a lot. Thanks again!

photo (1).JPG
glowgerm10 months ago

This was a great project. I really light up the streets with this set up!

craftclarity10 months ago

These are really nice.

I probably would have put red lights on the back, but that's just me. The way everything mates up, it looks like it was designed that way, which is really cool. Nice work!

earz_cd10 months ago

nice solution!! I love PVC and LED projects.

Bri_Aday (author)  earz_cd10 months ago

Me too! So much PVC, so little time. :)

M3G10 months ago
Nice work!
Bri_Aday (author)  M3G10 months ago


rimar200010 months ago

Very clever design!

Bri_Aday (author)  rimar200010 months ago