Three Dollar Kaleidoscope (plus 7 dollars in tools)

Picture of Three Dollar Kaleidoscope (plus 7 dollars in tools)
Very basic kaleidoscope. Plenty of room for creative (and obvious) improvement.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:

1. One bottle of green olives (actual olives not used. I got mine from a dollar store)
2. A mirror at least 10" by 10" (dollar store)
3. Tape. Electrical works best (dollar store)
4. Napkins (or other filler material, such as newspaper; found around the house)
5. Small junk found around the house. Marbles, coins, paper clips, pinto beans, etc.
6. Glass cutter. Purchased at local hardware store for 5 dollars.
7. THIN metal ruler. Purchased at Wally World for two dollars.
8. Cardboard (found around the house. Not pictured)
So it's a 10 dollar kaleidoscope.
MrWiz8 years ago
There is a great group on Yahoo all about how to build quality kaleidoscopes. Check it out.
flywoodkb9 years ago
I like it. I wonder if a plastic mirror would work as well. Maybe the kids version could also use a cardboard tube with plastic taped over the end and glued into a seperate small plastic jar that holds the objects.
cdblum (author) 9 years ago
please comment. thanks