Three Hot Drinks To Warm Your Toes and Cloud Your Brain

Picture of Three Hot Drinks To Warm Your Toes and Cloud Your Brain
Its a fact. Liquor is the best cure for winter blues and nothing helps it go down faster then a sweet hot drink. So here's three fun suggestions to drown out the common cold and warm you up from your addled brain to your stumblin toes.

Lets do this!

**Warning. Unfortunately due to the liquor content, these drinks are not appropriate for work or when operating large machinery. Ho hum.

Step 1: Hot Toddy

Picture of Hot Toddy
This drink has it all, the comfort of hot steamy tea, the curative numbing power of whiskey, set off with the tart lemon which goes down smooth as can be thanks to the sweet honey. This drink coats your throat, warms your tummy and takes away all your aches and pains.

Hot Toddy

  • 1 cup of tea (whatever kind you prefer)
  • whiskey
  • 1-2 slices of lemon
  • 1-2 Tbs honey

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Foaly76 years ago
Doesn't hot buttery rum taste like warm rum with butter in it?
jany6 years ago
mmm Hot toddies! I remember way back then AND now. Great for body aches, colds, fevers and for the ladies, the monthlies. yum thanks for the memories!
I think i prefer shitloads of straight vodka for the ladies Its easier than talking
cphillips6 years ago
We call this a "pepperment patty". Sounds cooler than "hot cocoa and schnapps" :)
Forkable (author)  cphillips6 years ago
oh! Schnapp! ya'know like oh snap. har har.
Hot Toddy will cure you right up. You got a cold? Have one of these, curl up and go to sleep and you will feel better in the morning.
minerug6 years ago
Twining's earl Grey, Very posh *twiddles imaginary 'stache
Forkable (author)  minerug6 years ago
What? What? Oh yes, Twinings. I purchase it from the same south Indian import/export I get my morphine from. Excellent chap.
That Hot Buttery Rum sounds absolutely delicious!
PKM6 years ago
What is the drink equivalent of "om nom nom"? These drinks thoroughly deserve it. The last hot buttered rum I had was in a swanky cocktail bar while in the process of losing my voice... it didn't help my voice, but it was a success nonetheless :)
Forkable (author)  PKM6 years ago
The I always go to the Hot Toddys when I've got sore throats. The lemon and honey, so good with the whiskey. Thanks for your nice comment!
comodore6 years ago
This is the best choice of the tree you gave, i love tea and i love lemon and they go together great! Nice Instructables! :D Now I think im going to go and make me a cup of tea before bed time. :)