Three Kippot





Introduction: Three Kippot

Most people are more familiar with the term yarmulke. These three kippot were hand knit then fulled (or felted) and then embellished with needle felting.

The patterns are of my own design. You can find the pattern for the floral kippot at:

You can find the pattern for the star of David design at:



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    Wow, that really is quite effective and beautiful if I may say so!! Are you willing or perhaps could you please share the pattern? I love those "kinds of hats" and maybe felting a hat would be a good as a 1st try at felting/fulling!

    The pattern is available on my Etsy site at
    Bear in mind that the pattern is not for a hat, it is for a yarmulke. It will not fit your head like a hat would.

    Thankyou for the "heads up" (pardon the pun), on the yarmulke. I may yet meet a Jewish friend I could make one for then!

    Beautiful work my dear - well done!

    They are so detailed and delicate. The fulling process makes the colors defined yet, somehow blended. Great work !!!

    Oooohhhh, very nice job! You did an excellent job on these, especially the blue one with the flowers, that's just amazing. +1 rating.


    your right they are lovly untill you have to wear one every day whenever you are not sleeping

    These are so lovely.... such a wonderful way to wear art! Beautiful handiwork.

    I am amazed at how felting can produce such incredible results! Any woman can be proud to wear these, they are absolutely gorgeous! I am eager to try my hand at felting right away!!