Three Minutes to Glory or Bust

Picture of Three Minutes to Glory or Bust
This photo is one of the photos I like to use as wallpaper on my computer; I was looking for a photo to use on the cover of my new book Worriers of the Sun and I wanted a photo of the sun on the horizon for the cover. I did not get a lot of photos of this sunrise I had to move so nothing was blocking the sun.
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Step 1: The Things You Need to Put Together

Picture of The Things You Need to Put Together
Photographing the sun on the horizon is not as easy as many people think, we walk along all day and it is up there for hours lighting up our lives without a thought. In truth it is moving at the rate of one diameter every three minutes, three minutes from the first moment the top edge is above the horizon to the moment the whole sun it is above the horizon and your day is bust. Three minutes to put together scenery, angle, camera, weather, clouds, living obstructions, and timing, with little in your control.

Step 2: Blockage

Picture of Blockage
Where I live we get only 140 days of good sunlight a year and less than 20 days of good sun at dawn, I would need to travel over 2 hours west to capture dusk and then search for a suitable location. Clouds can add to a picture or they can ruin the shot you are trying for by completely blocking the sun. Birds, plains, and trees can change the central focus of your picture or a dumb horse that likes getting his picture taken can block your shot and now your chance to capture the sun is lost. OK everybody thinks the horse is cute so the day wasn’t a total loss.
artfulann9 months ago
Photography can be an obsession- can't it! I once tried to capture ocean waves. Miserably.
Josehf Murchison (author)  artfulann9 months ago
I can see that it would be like trying to capture the image on my oscilloscope, the next time I am going to use my video camera and freeze the frame I want.
clewis211 year ago
Nice shots. I know what you mean, I shot numerous shots minutes apart of a sunset to get the best angle of the sun on the horizon over Lake Superior and so many other things can interfere.
have you ever experimented with high dynamic range photography? it would allow you to bring out some more details in the landscape.
Can't see it in the first place Im visually impared.

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