This wooden puzzle or knot is made with red wood.  The puzzle is surprisingly old and well documented, so if you like the video I do recommend searching for the measurements and making one.
That's Instructables.com... Where are tthe measurements?
Jabujavi, si &eacute;l no pone las medidas es porque no se necesitan. Puedes hacer el puzzle muy chicco, mediano o muy grande, como t&uacute; quieras. <br> <br>------------------------------------ <br> <br>Jabujavi, it he does not put measures, it is because they are not needed. You can make the puzzle very little, mid size or very large, as you want.
<p>Thanks, but I hate holding hands or spoons.</p>
<p>Savvas, I don't understand. Consider that I don't speak English. </p>
Excellent instructable, thanks for sharing it. <br> <br>I could understand it all, despite I don't speak English ;)

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