Three Piece Cross Knot - Wooden Puzzle


Introduction: Three Piece Cross Knot - Wooden Puzzle

This wooden puzzle or knot is made with red wood.  The puzzle is surprisingly old and well documented, so if you like the video I do recommend searching for the measurements and making one.



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    That's Where are tthe measurements?

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    Jabujavi, si él no pone las medidas es porque no se necesitan. Puedes hacer el puzzle muy chicco, mediano o muy grande, como tú quieras.


    Jabujavi, it he does not put measures, it is because they are not needed. You can make the puzzle very little, mid size or very large, as you want.

    Savvas, I don't understand. Consider that I don't speak English.

    Excellent instructable, thanks for sharing it.

    I could understand it all, despite I don't speak English ;)

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