I needed some new shelves but wanted to be able to disassemble/reconfigure/extend them if needed.  As such, I built these three-plate shelves. They use press-fit finger joints so no screws or glue are needed to put them together, and the connections tessellate so the shelves can be extended up/across as needed. 

- 10mm thick MDF Sheet (sheet size depends on shelves required but 1.2m x 1.2m sheet will fit enough pieces for a 3-4 unit shelf)

- CNC router or laser cutter
- Hammer

Step 1: Cut Shelf Pieces

The shelves are assembled from three repeated plates: riser (R), shelf (S), and back (B) pieces. Connections are friction finger joints which are divided between plates so that when four plates intersect (e.g. at an internal riser/shelf joint) there are no gaps or clashes. The attached dwgs are for a 10mm MDF sheet and create shelves with 180mm H x 230mm W x 240mm D internal shelf dimensions. To design your own shelves,  first draw a finger joint (alternating squares) for a the particular material thickness you are using, and then divide the fingers between four intersecting plates (R/S/R/S intersection), and again for three intersecting plates (B/S/B and R/B/R connections). 
sexy. this modular design is a dream.
Nice work, cool joints!

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