Three Rings Zombie Attack on Instructables





Introduction: Three Rings Zombie Attack on Instructables

Earlier this week, a horde of zombies attacked and took the Instructables Robot hostage. The undead fiends from Three Rings have finally sent their demand:


In addition to brains, it appears they are looking for stardom and perhaps a role in a highly-rumored upcoming 25th-year Thriller anniversary special. In any case, hopefully this satisfies their needs.

Zombies, we made you walk the plank, and you covered us in undead blood and gelatinous brains; now, let's team up and take out Wired ...



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    Come here robot
    *plugs flash disc into usb*
    DerinOS Portable Edition booting...-------------------/ Complete.Welcome to DerinOS Command Line./portable/*scan-max zombieScanning zombie viruses.....ALERT:VIRUS FOUNDTaking out shotgun...BOOM HEADSHOT TO THE ZOMBIEOperation complete.The DerinOS disc is now safe to remove.

    lol, wait... we must do a retaliation against wired, we all gotta dress up like S.W.A.T operatives and get dropped in by helicopters.

    who is the guy with the lightsaber lol.... the new starwars movie coming out STAR WARS EP 2 ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIES.

    duuun dun dun dun dun dan dun dun dun dun duuuuuuun duun dun dun dun duun dun dun

    didn't see Tom Jones

    Take out wired as ninjas

    yes steal there coffee pots!!!! But dress up as ninjas and walk right in and steal there coffee pots they will be to tired from lack of coffee to retaliate against you. just joking i had a good laugh from the video!

    Oh those sneaky brain-eating zombie bastards! As soon as Chef's no longer around to save the day, out they crawl, with their damn pinkeye. Oh wait, is it too soon to make Isaac Hayes jokes? (SHUT yo' mouth)

    WOW! Zombies everywhere!!!