Three Wise Men Holiday Ornament




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Introduction: Three Wise Men Holiday Ornament

The iconic story of the Three Wise Men following the North Star across the desert to bring gifts to baby Jesus is captured in this decorative holiday ornament. Simply download the .STL file, print in a 3D printer, and hang on your Christmas tree or display in your home!

Step 1: Download .STL File

Step 2: Print the 3D Model

After downloading the .STL file, print the 3" x 3" model in your own 3D printer or enlist the help of a friend, neighbor, or 3d printing service. If you do not have access to your own 3D printer, head to makexyz or 3D Hubs to find a printer in your local area!

Step 3: Hang on Your Christmas Tree or Display in Your Home!



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    Ooo so cool, I love the 3d effect with the domed background.