Picture of Three-binder-clip smart phone holder
There's so many great versions of this contraption, but this is my favourite one, as it's both simple and stable.
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Step 3: Add the headrest

With your smaller binder clip, slide one arm into the prone arm of the larger clip (i.e. the one that's not sticking up).  Now, clip it to the top of the arm that's sticking up.  This is your phone's headrest.

Step 4: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Enjoy your new smartphone stand!  Just don't display it too prominently at your desk.  It invites speculation that you do not have enough to do.
Weird and a little bit hard to make, anyway, I can make one successfully!!!
nailuj2 years ago
kristinazero (author)  nailuj2 years ago
Thanks! Tho' I have to admit, your Lego stand would look much cooler on my desk.
WriterChick2 years ago
Brilliant ... particularly the speculation-evasion technique offered at the end.
kristinazero (author)  WriterChick2 years ago
Thanks for reading straight to the end! I think most of us can't resist starting a new project as soon as we see the last picture!