Step 6: Fixing the Knot

Once your knot is nice and tight, and in the shape you want it, you still have those loose strands of rope. Solution? Cut them off - and seal them up.

With paracord, there is a geniune issue with the core; it'll look horrible if you just cut the cord, so you'll want to either melt it or tie a tight knot around the end with a thinner rope. The latter method is far outside the scope of this instructable, so I'll just recommend you use a lighter (or like I did - a gas stove) and melt the end of the cord.

Subsequently, sew the ends together with the surrounding knot so that it can't slip. I just used black cotton thread and an ordinary sharp sewing needle for this.

And then, finally, to make sure that these melted blobs aren't visible while you wear the ornament. Again, I use black cotton thread and a sewing needle to just sew the very ends together underneath a well-hidden part of the knot.

shes cute, what pill do i have to take? lol
shes cute, what pill do i have to take? lol
Do we need to take the red pill for this to work properly?
woiuld a rope of braided yarn work if it was really thick?
I believe this is called the masthead knot mat, at least that's what i learned from the internet.
 how hard would this be to make out of wire?
I've seen this done with guitar strings (both metal and nylon), I would think that would be a good quality springy kind of wire to use that wouldn't kink too easily<br />
A bit tricky:&nbsp;you do a lot of looping around and around, and threading in new strands along old - your wire would have to be VERY&nbsp;wrigglable, very resilient to folding back and forth, over and over, without it breaking. And wire will tend to be slightly on the stiff side for making the shaping easy.<br /> <br /> Try it though!&nbsp;Maybe a thin wire in a plastic sheath will be flexible and durable enough to do it! Once you have, do report back. :-)<br />
Awesome!<br /> I'm thinking maybe I'll try sewing it to a rigid headband..? Should look great...<br /> Thanks :)<br />
Good choice for the dvd!&nbsp;&nbsp; :)<br />
&nbsp;Right in time for Sister in law's Christmas present :)<br /> <br /> Awesome 'Ible mate :)<br />
I'm glad you liked it. Do show us photos of your version when you're done with it!<br />

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