Step 3: Glue It to It!

In this step we will be hot gluing the ribbon to the frame. This is a very sticky part of the project and can make or break it. If you pay close attention to the pictures you will see that it is very important to layer the ribbons so you will create a pocket for the pictures to rest in.

This will be an open pocket and if you’re not careful your pictures will fall straight through. I didn’t seal the pockets because I like the freedom feel to the open ends.

I will walk you through this process quickly. The pictures should be enough to guide you if further explanation is needed. Also, with the 3rd degree burn I received from my hot glue gun, I really should be resting… lol.

Starting at the top of the back side of said picture frame apply your thin ribbon. Now do the same to the bottom and middle.

What a cool and easy idea! I will have to start "accidentally" breaking glass out of my fames so I can make some of these for decorations. lol. Have you tried it with the glass left in it? It might give it a more commericial look. Cool instructable!
No no! lol. Breaking glass could be dangerous!! haha! I think that I'm going to try to do one with the glass left in! That is a great idea! Have a Happy Holiday!

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