Come Monday night, we're all going to be heartbroken to watch our favorite series, How I Met Your Mother, come to an end. The least we can do is send it off in style!

For the record: I don't own any songs, images, etc., and I'm not affiliated with the show in any way. I've just been watching it since the beginning, and I'm super sad that it's ending.

Step 1: Food

Sumbitch Cookies (via People.com)
Pineapple Incident Cassarole

Burgers - make sure to put a sign next to them saying "Best Burger in New York"


Tantrum - Just print this label and wrap it around a bottle of Mountain Dew

Yellow Umbrella drink (typical party hunch punch)

  • 1/2 bottle of 99 Bananas
  • 1 bottle of pineapple rum
  • 1 jug (more if you want a weaker drink)of orange-pineapple juice (no pulp, seriously you'll regret the pulp)
  • Mix it all together & voila!

The Captain - Rum & Coke

<p>Next you could make a The Big Bang Theory themed party, my favorite show!</p>
<p>That could be so much fun! It's one of my favorites as well.</p><p>I think the next TV themed party I'm going to throw is going to be for the season premier of Orange Is the New Black</p>
My prediction... The mother is dead.

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