Introduction: Throw-bot

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Throw this bot if you are ever angry or need to get negative energy out.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need:
1. 8 small paper clips
2. 1 large paper clip
3. 1 5x8 paper card

Step 2: Head

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Repeat steps 1-3 in the arm step, only this time, put the shorter side of the paper clip in the paper and fold one part of the longer side over the paper.

Step 3: Legs

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Slide two paper clips together. Repeat with two more paper clips.

Step 4: Arms

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Pic 1. Fold two corners of a torn off piece of paper over a small paper clip.
Pic 2. Fold the paper over the paper clip.
Pic 3. Fold up paper again.
Pic 4. Take paper clip out and put in taller side, with the short side sticking out. Use pliers to bend paper clip over paper.
Repeat with another paper clip.

Step 5: Body

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Add arms, head and legs to large paper clip. Then tear off a wider piece of paper and wrap around the large paper clip. Last, apply tape and decorate however you want.

Step 6: Follow Me!

Please follow me and check out my other Instructables!


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