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Learn how to make a very cool loud popper using only a few materials that are very easy to obtain. Please note that this is my first instructable.
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
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What you need:
-A roll of masking tape(duct tape will work too)
-1 pulling firework
-2 nickels
- safety glasses

Step 2: Assembling your popper (A)

Picture of Assembling your popper (A)
Very gently, shape the pulling firework into a tight ring shape (without popping the firework). Be careful! You may want to use gloves because these poppers ignite by friction! Don't burn yourself! I am NOT responsable for you hurting yourself in the making of this project!

Next, cut the strings off of your popper.

Step 3: Assembling Your Popper (B)

Picture of Assembling Your Popper (B)
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Now, what you need to do is sandwich the pulling firework in between the two nickels. Next, all you have to do is wrap the "sandwich" together with tape. Make sure that you use enough tape and cover it completely leaving no trace of the nickel(s). If you use too much tape, it won't burst open when it hits something on impact. It should look like the picture below...

You're done. Good Job!

Step 4: The Final Step!

Picture of The Final Step!
Now, all you have to do is put on your safety glasses, and throw your popper! You can throw it directly at the ground or you can throw it in the air and watch it detonate when it hits! Be aware that upon impact, the coins may fly off and possibly hit you if you are too close. I am sure that the coins will not hurt, but just be aware of this. Please do not throw near other people or animals, this popper is very loud! Be sure to discard all tape and debris, but keep your nickels (if you can find them) for next time you make one of these.

Have fun!
will party poppers pull fireworks work?
majjck (author)  zipzapper8596 years ago
Yes, they should. They are equivelant in size and power, so the results should be the same.
Despite the fact its late at night I decided that since I have thousands of this little poppers I must try this and I must say there quite loud I'm glad I had my shoes on so I could run lol. another method of making these is to take the powder out of ring caps for toy guns and sandwich the powder of 5-8 between 2 coins it goes a bit easier but these are by far more powerful
wow, i tried one in my grage and didnt seem that loud, but outside they really make noise.
majjck (author)  juggalo_assassin1837 years ago
cool, good idea
thanks. maybe if I ever find my camera ill post a Instructable as a alternate to this and link back here in my intro
devilwyrm7 years ago
where is a good source to find the pulling fireworks
try "pyrouniverse.com".
go to a five below. Hmmm maybe they only have those in new jersey. sorry
majjck (author)  devilwyrm7 years ago
you can find them in firework stores, or stores thst sell lots of prank items. Try a magic shop.
shooby7 years ago
Pretty cool, why not use pennies though???
majjck (author)  shooby7 years ago
Good question. Well, pennies are small in diameter and the ring-shaped pulling firework may be to big for those little pennies to be sandwiched in. Plus, the nickels are thicker and contain more mass which means that upon impact, the nickel's inertia will push on the popper, blowing it up. Pennies may not have the mass to do this. Anyway, thanks for the comment!
sweet! (as in cool lol)
majjck (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
thank you