wonderdog014 years ago
instead of thread use duct tape it adds just enough weight to make it fly strighter and faster (duct tape is red)
Emsaid (author)  wonderdog014 years ago
good idea but duck tape tends to loosen up after a while
I tried making this and it was awsome!! i hit my sister in the foot a couple of times
pgdarth956 years ago
pgdarth956 years ago
LOL. I almost poked a hole through my finger but its cool, now all we need is an Instructable for making a dart board. hmmm............
theese would be good for eeerrr posionous acupucture
GEEK16 years ago
Kaiven6 years ago
That looks pretty cool.
lemonie6 years ago
What are you going to do with the match-heads? L
Emsaid (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Well you could burn them, or stick them into fire starters, otherwise you just throw them away, they are not needed in this instructible.
lemonie Emsaid6 years ago
Bombs... L
Emsaid (author)  lemonie6 years ago