Throwing Knife From Kitchen Knife Tutorial


Introduction: Throwing Knife From Kitchen Knife Tutorial

Simple tutorial, all you need is an old blade and a dremel-tool! Here we go:

Step 1: Tools and Material

- Old kitchen knife

- Dremel tool

- Cutting wheels (took me 6 of them)

- Beltsander (sanding paper will work also, takes longer)

Step 2: Steps

1. Print out a shape you like and transfer it to your blade.

2. Start to cut around the line, just a tiny groove.

3. Let the wheel cut in deep every half of an inch until it reaches the other side of the blade. Repeat until you got all around the blade.

4. Cut all the intersections from the other side. That way, you get a rounder shape.

5. Grind the edge and re-do the cutting edge / blade with your beltsander, like I did in my video

6. Etch some emblems on it if you want and you are done :) simple but cool.

Step 3: Instructional Video



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