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Oy vay! Ever wondered what to do with all of your old box knife blades? Well, instead of throwing them in the garbage can, you can throw them AT the garbage can. This not-so-kosher project consists of welding six blades together to make the fiercest throwing star you have ever seen.

I can go over the cautionary details but I assume that it is implied that any time you handle razor blades there is a certain risk factor. So have fun. If you get cut you probably weren't exercising enough caution. Not recommended for use by mohels during a bris.

Step 1: Arrange the First Layer of Blades.

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If you will be welding them then find a piece of sheet metal to lay them on. Match up the corners to the best of your ability.

Step 2: Lay Next Layer of Blades Atop the First.

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This is tricky because the blades like to slide around on you. You can use Scotch tape to pin down the corners but remember that if you are welding the heat will melt the tape, which is perfectly OK. It would just be necessary to clean off the sticky goo with some laquer thinner, gasoline, or any other solvent, but wait until it has been quenched or cooled.

Step 3: Clamp Your Ground to the Metal Plate.

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The blades are grounded by the metal plate which is nice for small stuff like this.

Step 4: Tack the The Corners.

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This will connect the whole star together.

Step 5: Tack the Other Side.

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This is necessary because the star is too flimsy if you skip this step. Instead of making a nice solid thud sound when it hits the target it sounds clanky as if you were to hurl the entire contents of your silverware drawer at the wall.

Step 6: Brush Off Oxidization.

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These blades rust, so before you paint or laquer it's good to brush off any crud that may have accumulated on the star during welding. I lock the star into the vice grips and brush the heck out of it.

Step 7: Time to Paint.

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Before you paint it's a good idea to clean any residual oil off the blades. Any solvent will do the job. Laquer thinner or denatured alcohol dry the fastest, almost instantaneously. My paint colors of choice are flat black, aluminum, or clear laquer(provided that my welds turned out nice and are worth showing off).

I usually bend a length of wire into a hook and hang the star from it so I can spray all sides at once and hang them to dry under a halogen lamp.

Step 8: Get Throwing.

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I was once told as a boy that the best way to hold a throwing star is to grip it between your index and middle fingers. I do not suggest that. With these stars it has proven extremely innacurate and terribly uncomfortable. I can only recommend that you experiment with different throwing methods and discern which is the best for you.


bjackson24 (author)2014-12-02

instead of welding i used an industrial soldering iron and it worked perfectly for me

thanks a lot

Ignorant_train (author)2014-07-29

what about using super glue for non-forging, non-welding people?

ajjay (author)2013-11-09

Ya what is it, I think it's like making it hot and hammering it or something? I don't know. Tell us

Ryan7 (author)2012-01-02

What do you mean by "tack the sides"? How did you do that?

lemonhead47 (author)2008-12-06

Ninja stars are lame. and dagerous cuz a complete and total idiot can use them. now knife throwing, there is something that needs skill........

You need skill for ninja stars because seriously have you ever picked one up and chucked it at a tree 20 yards away and actually hit it? Not saying that I have, the ones I make are of paper.....
and theyre epic!!

Correct. I own both shuriken and throwing knives, and although I cant though a knife worth crap, a shuriken does take a rather high level of skill. you would be amazed how many people cannot throw anything but a ball with any accuracy.

You noobies.
Go try throwing a tomahawk

are you saying this because you enjoy throwing axes in real life? I admit, that takes slightly more skill than throwing even a knife, but is impractical. one option, you carry several tomahawks and weight yourself down, or the other option, you throw your weapon, and then you are screwed. or are you referring to tomahawks in *scoff* video games?

lowekeykid (author)2010-07-15

how do you carry them without slicing your gut open......... very carefully XD

josefu0 (author)2010-04-18

 Oh my Jewish God. Jews will evolve from money horders to ninjas. It's a compliment to all jews. i love you jesus .

rocksalt2342 (author)2010-04-15

JUST so everybody knows, he used the oxy-acetylene mode. (aka fire)

By the by, ninjas leap from trees, somersault on concrete, and kick from 15 feet away. With that in mind, it really doesn't seem very intelligent to have razor sharp weapons pointing towards your pancreas at these times. But suit yourself.

skimmo (author)2010-03-14

how do you carry them without them slicing your gut open?

skimmo (author)2010-03-14

dude! thats so brutal it makes me skin crawl

J@50n (author)2009-08-23

I have an instructable along the lines of this too! it has 8 points though. to check it out, click da link!

muffin1 (author)2009-04-24

Awesome... Jewish ninjas!

Replicator (author)2009-03-12

Depends where you come from, The english and american spelling is different....

geeklord (author)2008-09-15

Is welding hard? I mean, my friend(who's not that, wait, HORRIBLY unbright) can do it.......

just use some jb weld

I never heard of that b4 thx

corey_caffeine (author)geeklord2009-01-30

i used DURO brand superglue

just remember a little goes a long way and the blades come oiled

geeklord (author)corey_caffeine2009-02-03


good idea!

corey_caffeine (author)2009-01-30

one tip.. use 9 blades and make a sandwich with 3 triangles with the outside triangles lining up

edit: it adds weight

DOMINO (author)2006-07-25


gamerguy314 (author)DOMINO2008-06-15

if you don't like it then don't make it duh -.- oh and another thing, turn the capslock off

Loveofchaos (author)DOMINO2008-01-10

dude, this is no more dangerous than a regular regular throwing star, my hope is, that those that can afford a welder,w ould have the sense not to use it to pick their teeth.... besides.... its not hard to think up insane stuff haha.... i made this... im 14, and i didnt cut myself once. its an awesome star.... just dont lose it in the lawn..... as my dad said... "sweet! you just made a new lawnmower killer"

Beschaulicheit (author)2008-06-07

Very fun, very funny. Thanks for a lovely instructable, especially one that goes well with the influx of homemade welders on this site.

pandaboy292 (author)2008-03-03

i wonder what it would do if u used hook blades.

james_vaughnn07 (author)2006-10-09

love these threads... oohh... ninjas rock!!! a few comments, though: even if you weld the edges together, after, say, bout a dozen throws or more it'll break like shit in mid-air and you'll end up flinging multiple blades everywhere. hehe just kiddin still, if you could, the best way to make shuriken (shaken)- aside from FORGING one, of course- would be to cut the basic star/cross/hexagon shape from a thin sheet of metal then running it through a benchgrinder (or other grinders) to sharpen em. i use sheets of stainless steel (ooohhh, multiple S's) for mine- the ones we use here in the Philippines to plate jeepneys and tricycles. i stole a couple of 'em form my dad's workshop (thanks Pop! hehe), got a pair of metal cutters, then got busy. after that i used a bench grinder to sharpen the edges (not too sharp though, even if you're gonna throw em through wood, coz the weight of the shuriken- especially if the metal's quite dense- will make up for it and drive that baby home... plus, if it's too sharp, you'll just end up cutting yer hands). i find the metal sheets to be quite resilient- even if they bend a bit after you throw em, just hammer them between some plywood and you're all set. i throw my shaken using three different throwing styles- one, the common frisbee throw you see in movies. this is good for short-range throws, since it ain't too powerful a throw, and you really can't control the direction of yer shuriken using this style. well that's just me. two, the overhand throw where it basically cuts down like a knife throw- and you pinch one of the shaken's "arms" between your thumb and index fingers then cut down as though you were doing some downward katana stroke. this throw is really accurate (for me), and due to some aerodynamic theory (that i don't really understand), more powerful than the frisbee throw. three, i don't know what it's called but it basically looks like the frisbee throw, only that instead of flicking your hand forward, you hold it using the overhand grip and throw it like a baseball. my buddy taught me this throw and it actually works quite well over long distances (though the accuracy's a bit questionable). so there... im still 18 and am trying to improve my ninja skills... hahaha.. imma try posting an instructable here soon...

You said "(not too sharp though, even if you're gonna throw em through wood, coz the weight of the shuriken- especially if the metal's quite dense- will make up for it and drive that baby home... plus, if it's too sharp, you'll just end up cutting yer hands)" dude they must be as sharp as you can get them!!!

GorillazMiko (author)2007-12-05

wow, cool instructable!

EvilZombi (author)2007-04-03

Haha Shark.

masterochicken (author)EvilZombi2007-10-04

jesus shark

chevyracer (author)2007-07-12

if you dotn have a welder just use jb weld.. and the only way you can cut yourself is if your a retard

Ninjitsu student (author)2007-07-12

I use to make throwing stars (as a 12 year old)using the bottom of a coca-cole can. Works nice at short range. (If you are afraid of getting cut with the "current model" in question, rather use a coke can..)

Loveofchaos (author)2007-07-07

it is possible not to cut your hands, just grip it by the sides, not the points

Class_Clown (author)2006-10-23

? whats a tyre

claw1892 (author)Class_Clown2007-06-14


chemy999 (author)2007-06-10

it will always cut your hands or gloves every point and edge is freaking sharp

ginja_ninja (author)2007-05-31

that will kill u no matter wat that 1 sharp bitch

Choose a Username (author)2007-05-08

of course if you bend down with them in your belt, you'll be a real bloody ninja

Shuriken Specialist (author)2007-04-15

all i did to be simple was take two of those razors and tapethem together in a cross shape. it works! you can tape it or weld it. either works fine. welding will make it faster though.

inevitable_chaos (author)2007-01-29

That looks awesome!

Rednek Electrition (author)2006-10-24

Fake_Name they are talking about the blade points because theres that section missing. so it gives it twelve points

what about the people who dont have a welder ??? \

funnynakedpeople (author)2006-09-05

cool but dangous to the thrower beause no hold place

wear gloves

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