Ok, this is my first  instructable (kind of), so please, constructive critisism only.
There were no instructables on how to make a paper batarang, so i decided to go off and make one myself, and so here it is.

now for all the stuff about telling you guys not to go and poke someone's eye out, please use this with some common sense, as it can seriously hurt someone. This has cut up plants when I have thrown it (accidentally). So now in big letters: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY HARM THAT COMES FROM USING/BUILDING THIS PAPER BATARANG THINGY, PLEASE USE YOUR OWN COMMON SENSE WHILE USING THIS OBJECT. Now that im done with that, I must say that using "batarang thingy" did not sound right in that sentence.

Step 1: #1) Supplies:

 Ok here is what you will need to make one of these things,

- two pieces of letter sized paper (preferably already made into paper claws)
- a roll of duct tape
- scissors
- stapler (optional)
- hands and fingers (including opposable thumbs)
- the ability to read and follow directions

Note: If you do not know how to make paper claws, here is the link: www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Claws!/
I didnt use the claw design but i cut out the same shape with 8 layers of paper and it worked. cool idea.
The link for the paper claws goes to a removed instructable...<br>I found a video on youtube that shows how to make the claws &gt;&gt; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFK2dlcs2s4
ima try this right now and btw can u use an index card for mini ones and instead of duct tape can i use packaging tape
You can use both, but the index cards are going to be too thick to fold easily, but if you think you can manage it, then go ahead. (and tell me if it worked or not, too) but the packaging tape is well.... meh. the duct tape is used to keep it together as well as add weight to it, so if you have some kind of heavy packaging tape, it might work, but I think it should work even if you you have light packaging tape.<br><br>
thnx for the tip but the index card thing did work but i noticed tht with packaging tape its too light so it wont throw straight all the time (btw u wer right about bein cut by tht thing cuz i got a couple scratches on my face from my bro throwin it at me
Thnx fer the feedback
When throwing, do you hold it vertically or horizontally?
u can do both, but for me vertically tends to go straight down for some reason. But throw vertically for accuracy on the horizontal axis, and hold horizontally for accuracy on the vertical axis.
how do you make the peaces of paper<br /><br />
&nbsp;if you mean the claws then i have provided a link in step #1

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