Throwing Spikes





Introduction: Throwing Spikes

I'm going show u how to make some throwing needles u can use at home itll take about 10 minutes

Step 1: Tools

To make these throwing spikes ur gonna need some needle nosed pliers,some wire cutters,a metal coat hanger,a block of styrofoam,a trashbag,some yarn(optional),and foil(optional)

Step 2: Cut the Hanger

all u have to do is cut the coat hanger at the darker spots in the picture.

Step 3: Bending the Needles

if u dont have any needles nosed pliers u can just use normal ones.If u do have some u can use them to bend the end down.

Step 4: You Should Get Something Like This

the tital says it all

Step 5: Details

u can add some foil on the top to make it easier to find in the grass.Then u can wrap it in the yarn how ever u want to.



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    Yo great job with this i just have 1 problem. how do u throw them so they're stable?

    Look for the book 'Japanese Throwing Weapons' by Danny Fletcher.

    Neat idea. A heavy gauge piano wire might work better, as it would be a lot stiffer. You'd make the point with a file, and... I'm going to do an Instructable on this. As far as throwing it, It looks like the yarn is supposed to act like the fletching on an arrow or dart, if that's the case you'd hold it like a hammer by the yarn covered part with the tip pointing forward in-line with your forearm, and release... I'll add that part to my Instructable as well. I thought he did a pretty good job on this Instructable, clear pictures through every step, spelling was the only thing lacking.

    Bailing wire, Sharpened with a twine handle

    I made one of these out of 14 gauge wire. I bent the handle more and used black duct tape as the handle.

    hey cut this guy some slack. . . these r ment to b thrown like knives not like needles i already knew about this b4 i saw it and can already throw them good and dont get mad at him if u cant get it to stick just look 4 a vid or insructions on how to throw knives and practice it a little and you should get the hang of it


    yah man this is a good basic instructable. it is smart enough to work and it has helped me start about three or four upgrades on it. who cares if it is not the best in the world but not much are. these simple ones really help out starting new really ausome ideas.

    srry n3gat1v3 but i agree with titaniumforg and beanwuar i even tried these things to humor you but they were fairly lame

    It helps if you put some kind of flight on them, no matter how small.

    Hey. Assholes. Your talkin to a kid like you expect something great out of him. I did this except with some thick coper wiring and it works great. I use all kinds of throwing weapons and i have to say that spike slide out of your hand easier so he had a great idea but just needed some thicker material. Oh and if your gonna criticize, make sure you try the f****n spikes first. Christ Almighty. You're supposed to be on this site to learn new things not bitch at everyone's ideas. I havn't made an instructable yet cause right now i'm learnin the tricks of the trade. So yeah i'm done.