Hehehehe5 months ago
Can i feed the baby triops (3-7 days) with egg yolk ?
Hehehehe5 months ago
Can i feed the baby triops (3-7 days) egg yolk ?
Am I supposed to remove the moss like stuff (that came with the eggs) at any point?
rallekralle6 months ago
am i the only one who noticed that this tutorial is just copied from mytriops.com?
Those creatures are cute and ugly! Lol
ejones272 years ago
The triops eggs I bought were just eggs, no detritus. What do I do?
gunman152 years ago
Thanks mine just hatched.
triumphman3 years ago
what is a triops and where can I get some ?
knexfreak32 (author)  triumphman3 years ago
hobby lobby,walmart,or ebay
Very nice instructable with good information. I also liked the conversational tone. You write with better grammar and sentence structure than most adults I know! I have several packets of Triops eggs around the house, waiting to be hatched. This may be the inspiration I need to get them started, especially now that the hermit crab tank is empty. [Don't be sad - Crabzilla & Steve McQueen had long, happy, crabby little lives.]
I would recommend one tiny edit. Change the title so that "triops" is near the beginning and shows up in the truncated title over the thumbnail picture. You'll probably get more views if you do this. I didn't bother to read this 'ible for several days because I had no idea what it was about from the thumbnail.
knexfreak32 (author)  CatTrampoline4 years ago
Thank you.
knexfreak32 (author)  knexfreak324 years ago
There fixed.