Can i feed the baby triops (3-7 days) with egg yolk ?
Can i feed the baby triops (3-7 days) egg yolk ?
Am I supposed to remove the moss like stuff (that came with the eggs) at any point?
am i the only one who noticed that this tutorial is just copied from mytriops.com?
Those creatures are cute and ugly! Lol
The triops eggs I bought were just eggs, no detritus. What do I do?
Thanks mine just hatched.
what is a triops and where can I get some ?
hobby lobby,walmart,or ebay
Very nice instructable with good information. I also liked the conversational tone. You write with better grammar and sentence structure than most adults I know! I have several packets of Triops eggs around the house, waiting to be hatched. This may be the inspiration I need to get them started, especially now that the hermit crab tank is empty. [Don't be sad - Crabzilla &amp; Steve McQueen had long, happy, crabby little lives.] <br>I would recommend one tiny edit. Change the title so that &quot;triops&quot; is near the beginning and shows up in the truncated title over the thumbnail picture. You'll probably get more views if you do this. I didn't bother to read this 'ible for several days because I had no idea what it was about from the thumbnail.
Thank you.
There fixed.

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