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Triops Food Guide

Triops food guide – What to feed your triops and when.

Basically triops will eat anything organic…but here are some suggestions based on how old they are.

And if you want to take the cheap/easy/simple/quick way, all you’ll ever need for raising triops is Betta fish food pellets and shrimp pellets available at any pet store or walmart.

I use Wardley’s Shrimp Pellets formula and any betta fish pellets.

1 – 3 days

Detritus, which should be in the egg/sand mixture package you got when you bought the eggs. In other words, don’t add anything else besides the stuff that came with the eggs. See the hatching video for more information for this phase of a triops life.

3 – 7 days

Betta fish food pellets. Crush one pellet per day and sprinkle on the surface for every 10 triops. You can crush a pellet between two spoons.

Week 2

Betta fish food pellets, but you don’t have to crush them anymore. 1 pellet per day for each 2 triops, unless they eat everything within a few hours then give them more. You’ll see them grab the pellets and kind of roll it around underneath them.

I like putting in some crushed up cracker peices in at this point, just for fun.

Week 3 +

After week 3 they will almost be full size. At this stage I primarily feed expanding shrimp pellets. The pellet sinks, and then the triop grabs it and “kicks” it around, and if you look closely you can see how they feed themselves. I like the size of Wardley Shrimp Pellets.

I like these pellets cause of the size and convenience, and most importantly the triops seem to like them.

I feed 2-3 times a day, but you can get a way with once in the morning and another in the evening if you aren’t home during the day…or even once a day if you really had to.

I use 1 pellet per triops, and I just scatter the pellets all around the tank randomly. You’ll probably find that your triops like to dig around the edges of the tank mostly so if you want them to find the food faster drop the food in their little side trenches they dig out.


Triops are pretty messy eaters. There will usually be little bits and pieces left over of the food that they didn’t or won’t eat. The most awesome tool for cleaning triops tanks is a turkey baster. I clean up any uneaten junk on the bottom of the tank once a day just to keep the water as clean as possible and prevent algae / bacteria growth. I pour this water/junk mixture into a plastic bottle, and then use that water on houseplants as natural fertilizer. Cheap turkey basters are at the dollar store, unless for some reason you feel the need to get a really fancy one.

Triops Snacks

Vegetables – anything they get their grubby little hands on. Chop vegetables up into tiny little pieces. If you are feeling especially kind you can para-boil (boiling for 2-3 minutes) to soften them up and make it easier for the triops to eat. Remember to just add a little at first to see if they like it, that way you won’t have a lot of cleanup if the triops don’t like what you put in.

Plant material – Like grass and tender soft green delicious leaves. Chop them up into small pieces first.

Brine Shrimp - Basically these are like mini-shrimp. You buy the eggs and then hatch them yourself. You can hatch them directly into the triops tank, or in a separate hatchery and then just put them into the triops tank for a snack.

Experimental food – Dead bugs and spiders, if you are into picking fleas off your cats then you can throw those in. Triops naturally live in ponds and little puddles, so anything that you think could probably end up in a puddle or pond is worth a try. If you do try feeding something unusual let me know how it goes!

I don’t know about you but I’m getting hungry. And no I didn’t kill the ladybug just for the picture, it was already dead.

So how do you tell how much food to feed your triops??

By observing your triops you can figure out how much to feed them.

- If there is lots of left over food a couple hours after feeding then you can cut back.

- If you see your triops hanging around the top of the tank and swimming upside down a lot more then usual, then they might be looking for food so try feeding them more.

What do you feed your triops? Did they like it? I’d like to hear about it, please leave
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