This is my submission for the fridge magnet challenge. It is a thumbtack fridge magnet you use them to hang all sorts of things around the house why not make one to use on your fridge. This is good because if you do this you don't have to poke holes in your fridge to put tacks up.
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
This is a every thing you will need to do this instructable you can use hand tools dremel tools,epoxy glue,glue guns, lighter pretty much whatever you have access too. i got these magnets out of some light up pins that broke and when choosing pins choose the cheapest ones you can find.

Step 4: Melting out pin

Picture of melting out pin
this way works very well if you have the right thumbtacks after doing this proceed to file the plastic a little because the are tiny chunks left of the plastic that will prevent the magnet from sticking flush.
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elizazet5 days ago

superb work

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very nice work.

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Nice image.

Vashikaran24 days ago

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Nice Work Great Job sir.

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Love the colours of gear chains

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johnsonpaul3 months ago

awesome work buddy .........keep it up

GrahamAbbey4 months ago

such a use full pic

Rejanblink5 months ago

Pretty useful.. i dont have to poke holes in my fridge every time now

Cringojames5 months ago

nice one

Davementor5 months ago

Great packaing

KanwarSingh6 months ago

like your stuff !!!!!!!!

HarryLaine6 months ago

always sharing this type of stuff $$$$$

indiadumbells6 months ago

super cool

i cherished them,, decent..

great idea

Mohawksmith8 months ago

great stuff

munchman6 years ago
I love it.
great now I need a new fridge, someone could have told i wasn't supposed to put holes in it (non tack related incident) this is one of those ideas that is really needless but lovable and if sold in shops it would catch on really well.
How did you put holes in your refrigerator?
errr drinking makes a good umbrella term...
Llama Nerds7 years ago
talk about pointless thumbtack! LOL
dataphool7 years ago
Nice Idea. Where can I get those magnets? They are a step beyond where tech- nology was when I retired.
check out the super magnets! looks like they can implode a car or something
Hahaha, I bet a bunch of geeks hoping to be like Magneto buy those super magnets. :D But it would be fun to walk through a room with one and have little metals objects fly at you.
GREATEST IDEA EVER!! Situation: A crazy gunman barricaded himself in a small red neck house pointing guns out the windows and shooting at the cops surrounding it Solution: Throw a magnet in there! Bonus if it sticks to a heavy appliance like a stove or fridge. The bad guy goes to see what the noise was, and bam, the gun sticks to the magnet, swat team rush in!
By the way -- is this someone you know's work? I have a strange feeling...
ur right, high quality magnets of that size can exert forces of thousands of pounds and crush bone O.o
You can get about 35 or so smaller ones at thr $0.99 or $1 store buy the Mag Links in the toy section . Take plyers to the ends and the magnets come lose .Larger ones online but shipping can be a pain
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