This is my submission for the fridge magnet challenge. It is a thumbtack fridge magnet you use them to hang all sorts of things around the house why not make one to use on your fridge. This is good because if you do this you don't have to poke holes in your fridge to put tacks up.

Step 1: Tools

This is a every thing you will need to do this instructable you can use hand tools dremel tools,epoxy glue,glue guns, lighter pretty much whatever you have access too. i got these magnets out of some light up pins that broke and when choosing pins choose the cheapest ones you can find.
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great now I need a new fridge, someone could have told i wasn't supposed to put holes in it (non tack related incident) this is one of those ideas that is really needless but lovable and if sold in shops it would catch on really well.
How did you put holes in your refrigerator?
errr drinking makes a good umbrella term...

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