Picture of Thunder Cloud with Lightning Bolts

My first idea that I really wanted was to have real lightning bolts come from a large cloud hovering over my head. But after looking it it, I realized that a lightning bolt at a Halloween party was potentially hazardous. A live electrical arc could kill someone or burn the house down, etc. So I compromised with fake plastic lightning bolts, lit up by LED lights. I needed my husbands help on this one with hooking up the lights. But it sure is a fun and electrifying costume!!!
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Step 1: Gathering our materials

Picture of Gathering our materials
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Materials I needed:
Spiderweb material - 4 bags
Chicken wire
Black paint- tempera
Wire hangers- 2
Backpack-plain or dark
Thunder noise novelty toy-purchased with strobe light
Headpiece- I used the inside of an old construction helmet. (no helmet, just the fitted head ring)
LEDs -in strips
Button-SPST push button switch. Rated 3 amps at 125VAC. Mounts in a 1/2" hole. Radio shack.
Foam Tape-double sided
Duct Tape
Sheet of white/clear plastic
Wire strippers
9V batteries -3
Battery snap / switch - 3 to connect these LEDs to the 9V battery,
Rosin-Core Solder, solder iron, Soldering gun
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