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Hi guys this is my side arm of choice I designed after building several other slide action pistols that all had there disadvantages e.g broken pieces bad range flimsy design. So after 4 hours of work I present to you one of the best slide action pistols. Pros: Fast reload (because of the slide 2RPS), Mag in Handel, Good range (25-30ft), Can hold a lot of rubber, No broken pieces, Sturdy design, Looks good (in my opinion). Cons: Trigger is a bid naff (if someone designs a better one ill add it to the instructions).

Step 1: Barrel and Trigger

Picture of Barrel and Trigger

This is all simple just follow

Step 2: Handel/Mag

Picture of Handel/Mag

Pretty much you bog standard Grey piece mag

Step 3: Barrel Continued

Picture of Barrel Continued

Just follow to finish the barrel

Step 4: Slide and Ram

Picture of Slide and Ram

Make what you see

Step 5: Bands

Picture of Bands

Here are all the band placements the ones for the slide must go on this way. Don't forget to comment and follow for more awesome guns. Happy shooting!! P.S don't overload the ram with bands or you won't be able to pull it back and always pull it right to the back of the ram guide.


sonic broom (author)2015-01-07

sweet i will build this soon!

Johnhall44 (author)2013-04-06

Interesting design, I like the slide action part. I dont like the trigger but everything else is good I think =D

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-02-22

Neat i like it i will build-IMO it sort-of looks like an UZI

How in the love of god?!?!?!?!

I'm sorry, but how exactly does this look like an UZI?? It frustrates me when people go about and say guns look like this and that (real) gun when there's no relation whatsoever. It's a cool gun, but it looks nothing like an UZI...

tell me what you think when you have built it and any improvments you have

i modded the heck out of the trigger and it has a nice fluid motion to cocking it

Add some pics and I will add them to instructions

sorry pics dont work for me

did you mod the trigger behind the mag or infront

in front so its a back and forth motion instead of downwards

i might show it in my next youtube vid if i dont have to destroy it for parts

That would be grate post me a link when you do so I can take a look at it. If I work out how to build it ill add it to the instructions and give you credit

I mean pics of the trigger

How much range did you get out if it

30-40ft consistently with one band and 60-70 with 2

conorandfinlay (author)2013-03-03

Thanks for building it

Sharir1701 (author)2013-02-22

Except for the awful (no offense, yeah) trigger, I really like this gun. Simple, seems like it should work well (I don't suppose it gets very high range, does it?) and looks good. If I were you, I would look into making a better trigger that will also block behind the magazine. It will dramatically affect range (for the better) and it will be another attempt to at a decent trigger for this gun. Good luck! Also, I'm not sure if the name is on purpose or not, but it made me laugh and I would like you to know, in case you don't, that that doesn't work lol.

The name is on purpose and the range is only avarage. I might remake it once i have perfected a sniper im working on and build it with a better trigger.

Okay... 20-30 feet is below average and as I said, it could be fixed by better trigger placement. Good luck in both and I am looking forward to see that sniper.

beanieostrich (author)2013-02-22

Dude, not to downgrade you but there already is a gun called the Thunderbolt and it quite frankly is better than this gun. This other Thunderbolt is made by KSE; you should go check it out.

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-02-22

That's awesome, very cool design!

WOW, that IS pretty sweet! Nice! I really like how you added a pin guide and a slide action mech. Do you have to push the trigger up or back? It looks great, and the mech is kinda new to me. Have you ever considered making a model?

I'm glad you like it thanks for the comment. You have to push the trigger down. You should build it and see if you can make a better trigger coz it kind of feels a bit unnatural pushing it down. And no I haven't thought of building a model but I might now.

Well, hast thou considered trying a true trigger (see my KAP-40 instructions to see what one looks like)? I twould work better than the one thou hast on thy gun, and it ought to be verily easy to implement it.

Thanks for the follow

No problem. :-)

dr. richtofen (author)2013-02-22

Really nice! The trigger's a bit weird, but the overall gun is cool

conorandfinlay (author)2013-02-22

Pleas add comments feedback all ways helps

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