How to disassemble your Ti-84 or Ti-84 silver.

Tools needed:
1) Torex #7 (t-7) screw driver
2) Small Phillips screw driver

Step 1: Remove Battery Cover

Remove main battery cover and take out batteries.

Step 2: Remove Backup Battery Cover

Remove the back up battery cover, this will require a Phillips screw driver. After cover has been remove *take out the back up battery.*

Taking out the backup battery will clear your system RAM, which means that all of your saved programs will be gone.

Step 3: Remove Rear Cover.

Use your Torx screw driver to remove the 6 screws noted below.

Step 4: Remove 4 Rear Screws.

After removing all 4 screws take a flathead screw driver or a knife and gently pry the 2 halves of the cover apart at each corner. You will hear it pop a few times, after prying a little cover should come off with ease.

Now that you have removed the rear cover you should see a foil backing over the main circuit board, to remove this you will have to first remove the 2 screws marked below.

Step 5: Remove Circuit Board.

Now you need to remove the other 4 circuit board screws.
After removing the last 4 screws the circuit board should be loose, lift up on it carefully to avoid flinging keys everywhere (sometimes the keypad will stick to the circuit board).

Step 6: Keypad

If your keypad didn't come out when you took the circuit board out it will look like this. Just take you keypad out and your Ti-84 is completely dissembled.

Step 7: Finished!

Now your ti-84 is completely dissembled. Do with it as you please, in my case my keys were sticky so I used some isopropyl alcohol to clean them off.
<p>Hey,</p><p>So my calculator started to have some problems when clicking the ON button, didn't always turn on and I would just keep pressing it until it was on.</p><p>Today was it's last breath... or was it?</p><p>Luckily I had all the tools at home so I just did it. My brother had to separate the plastics because I couldn't bare to watch all the pain. =P</p><p>Turns out that the negative contact between battery pack and the rest of the calculator was all dead as you can see in the image.</p><p>I applied some solder and it was fixed!</p><p>Thanks for the tutorial! Very helpful. =)</p>
<p>Hey, </p><p>Thanks for the tutorial. Currently, I don't have the tools to get the screws on the back off, but until I get the tools, I would like to know if the faceplate comes off. Does the grey screen frame come apart from the black area with the keys? I want to get a colorful replacement part just for the piece that surrounds the keys, so, does it come off?</p>
I needed a T6 Torx to disassemble. I had a TI 84 quit working. I ordered a used one on eBay, but the case had a name on the back and showed a lot of wear. I disassembled both to put the parts of one case into the other. Works fine.
Does anyone know if you can buy and replace the screen on a Ti-84 +. I work for a school district and we have 120 of them 5 years old. Some of the screens have the lcd's busted by kids. Any thoughts from anyone?
Thanks for the instructions! This helped me disassemble my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and turn it into a Gold Edition! The outcome can be seen <a href="http://global-corporation.net/gold_edition.png" rel="nofollow">here</a>.
&nbsp;im thinking about disassembling my ti-84 so I can custom paint it a bit...will the calculator still function properly after&nbsp;disassembly? I disassembled my ipod mini once and it never worked again...lol<br />
would it be possible to swap the front cover for a TI84 Plus one?&nbsp; to allow for faceplate swaps.
Okay, so funny story. A week after I posted this Instructables a classmate came up to me and asked to see my calculator, he looked at it and said "I think we switched calculators during our last quiz" I looked at the one he had and sure enough there were all the programs I thought I had lost when I removed the backup battery on the one that I took apart. I took apart a classmates calculator thinking it was my own :) lol... I still laugh about it. Any way I had to share it...
HAHA well at leat you didnt break it!
haha what a noob =P <br/>nice instructable!<br/>
would it be easy to upgrade the memory, or can you do that at all?
Here,Check this out<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://usb8x.sourceforge.net/">http://usb8x.sourceforge.net/</a><br/>it has instructions on how to hook a flash drive to your calc<br/>
I am not sure about upgrading the memory... I will have to look into it.
Does anyone know how to silence a button? (When getting really into calculator games in class :-) lol)
Just use it for about a year, and then it gets silent
I think i've gotten a years use of use out of it. lol Thanks, Jonnyboy
Well, maybe it was 2 years... (I've had my 84Silver for 3 years now)
why would you disassemble your calculator ?
Do you need an excuse? Like others have said my keys were sticky after spilling a mocha on it :) But I also wanted to take a look at the mainboard, I am thinking of trying to build an external display for it. -Mike
well, OK I admit that there is a lot of interesting stuff in there.
His keys were sticky, so he needed to clean them.
It's not an excuse.<br/><br/>My Guitar Hero controller buttons were stickyish, so I opened it up to clean them.<br/>Then, that's how <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-change-the-button-colors-for-the-Guitar-Her/">I made this Instructable.</a><br/>

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