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How to disassemble your Ti-84 or Ti-84 silver.

Tools needed:
1) Torex #7 (t-7) screw driver
2) Small Phillips screw driver

Step 1: Remove battery cover

Picture of Remove battery cover
Remove main battery cover and take out batteries.
Tisila made it!9 months ago


So my calculator started to have some problems when clicking the ON button, didn't always turn on and I would just keep pressing it until it was on.

Today was it's last breath... or was it?

Luckily I had all the tools at home so I just did it. My brother had to separate the plastics because I couldn't bare to watch all the pain. =P

Turns out that the negative contact between battery pack and the rest of the calculator was all dead as you can see in the image.

I applied some solder and it was fixed!

Thanks for the tutorial! Very helpful. =)

2014-11-28 21.25.15.jpg
kojakjp1 year ago


Thanks for the tutorial. Currently, I don't have the tools to get the screws on the back off, but until I get the tools, I would like to know if the faceplate comes off. Does the grey screen frame come apart from the black area with the keys? I want to get a colorful replacement part just for the piece that surrounds the keys, so, does it come off?

Bobby7173 years ago
I needed a T6 Torx to disassemble. I had a TI 84 quit working. I ordered a used one on eBay, but the case had a name on the back and showed a lot of wear. I disassembled both to put the parts of one case into the other. Works fine.
plumboy114 years ago
Does anyone know if you can buy and replace the screen on a Ti-84 +. I work for a school district and we have 120 of them 5 years old. Some of the screens have the lcd's busted by kids. Any thoughts from anyone?
Radiosity5 years ago
Thanks for the instructions! This helped me disassemble my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and turn it into a Gold Edition! The outcome can be seen here.
naurtomoe5 years ago
 im thinking about disassembling my ti-84 so I can custom paint it a bit...will the calculator still function properly after disassembly? I disassembled my ipod mini once and it never worked again...lol
junits155 years ago
would it be possible to swap the front cover for a TI84 Plus one?  to allow for faceplate swaps.
MadManMike (author) 7 years ago
Okay, so funny story. A week after I posted this Instructables a classmate came up to me and asked to see my calculator, he looked at it and said "I think we switched calculators during our last quiz" I looked at the one he had and sure enough there were all the programs I thought I had lost when I removed the backup battery on the one that I took apart. I took apart a classmates calculator thinking it was my own :) lol... I still laugh about it. Any way I had to share it...
HAHA well at leat you didnt break it!
haha what a noob =P
nice instructable!
would it be easy to upgrade the memory, or can you do that at all?
Here,Check this out
it has instructions on how to hook a flash drive to your calc
I am not sure about upgrading the memory... I will have to look into it.
jonnyboy3237 years ago
Does anyone know how to silence a button? (When getting really into calculator games in class :-) lol)
Just use it for about a year, and then it gets silent
I think i've gotten a years use of use out of it. lol Thanks, Jonnyboy
Well, maybe it was 2 years... (I've had my 84Silver for 3 years now)
me7 years ago
why would you disassemble your calculator ?
MadManMike (author)  me7 years ago
Do you need an excuse? Like others have said my keys were sticky after spilling a mocha on it :) But I also wanted to take a look at the mainboard, I am thinking of trying to build an external display for it. -Mike
me MadManMike7 years ago
well, OK I admit that there is a lot of interesting stuff in there.
zachninme me7 years ago
His keys were sticky, so he needed to clean them.