Picture of Tic Tac Chill battery storage
This idea came about the other night as I'm terrible at keeping track of my rechargeable batteries. A four pack of AAA batteries costs about eleven dollars and that adds up rather quickly if you keep losing them around the house (or if you have two daughters who also lose them).

This instructable was a fluke. It just happened and when I showed my wife, she called me a geek, but a geek with a plan - kind of.

The thing is, when I saw all the batteries lined up in the Tic Tac box I immediately thought that it would make a great flashlight! Those of you who are more electronically inclined could easily run with this setup and create something amazing.

Step 1: Remove packaging, pop the top.

Picture of Remove packaging, pop the top.
I have to admit, the new Tic Tac box has packaging that is really easy to remove. There are no harsh adhesives that would require things like Goo Gone to clean up, which is a good thing as I'm told adhesive removers are mostly toxic to begin with.

Once the packaging is removed, just pop the top off - again, it's very easy. Kudos to Tic Tac for making it easy to handle and dismantle.

jen77144 years ago
That is a very good idea! I've never thought of that and I always confuse my new and old ones. Great!
krost1 jen77143 years ago
4 batteries = 11 $ ... for real ? poor americans

Well, they ARE rechargables, so... =P

tic tac chill : bad mints, Good idea!
Chicken22096 years ago
This is a cool idea Cant wait to see a follow up