When I was on a field trip with my class, I saw a few boys using a device that you plug into the headphone port on your ipod and it allows two sets of headphones to listen to the music from one ipod.  I wanted to make my own and prove that it costs less to make your own than to buy a commercial product.  I know that many people listen to music, but not all people own their own ipod, so I decided to create a small portable device that could allow two people to listen to the same music from the same ipod just like the device I saw on the fieldtrip.  This is super easy to make and it costs about $5 or if you already have some of the materials, it would cost less.  I would highly recommend building this with kids and students because it is simple to make and it requires few easy to find materials.  I hope you enjoy building your double headphone jack!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need...

* 2x headphone ports
* An old pair of headphones
* A tic tac container


* A lighter
* a wire stripper
* An awl
* Hot glue Gun (with glue)
<p>Very cool, I'll be making this. :)</p>

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