Tic Tac Toe ( 3 in a Row )




Introduction: Tic Tac Toe ( 3 in a Row )

This project is an electronic recreation of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe pencil & paper 2 player game. The heart of the circuit is Microchip´s PIC 16F627A microcontroller. I have included download link for a PC board PDF and also the HEX code for the chip burning. You will also find the assembly source code there. In a future Instructable, I will propose a"good looking"enclosure with large back-lit buttons.

Step 1: Device Views

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Project is built around the PIC16F627A microcontroller from Microchip, an 18-pin microcontroller.

Step 3: Circuit Operation Details

Step 4: Basic Flowchart

Step 5: PC Board & HEX Code Download Link

Step 6: Components List

I recommend the use of an 18-pin DIL socket for the MCU.

Step 7: LEDs & Switches

Step 8: Breadboard Time

I used a wire to emulate the 9 switches.

Step 9: For More Details, Watch the Video. Thank You!



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