In this Instructable I will show you how to make a robot arm that plays Tic Tac Toe using a Micro Magician robot controller, 4 servos and building blocks / materials of your choice. The wiring is super simple, just plug 4 servos and the battery into the Micro Magician. There is no keypad to wire up because the controller has an IR receiver built in and uses a universal TV remote to control it.

I won't give detailed, step by step instructions for building the robot because it's physical design does not need to be exactly the same as mine. I used LOZ blocks. You can build the robot however you want using whatever blocks you have. It could also be made from Meccano or Lego.

The supplied Arduino code (see step 4) allows you to teach the robot arm where each position on the board is using the TV remote. The positions are stored in the controllers EEPROM memory. This means your robot can be any size or shape as long as the arm can reach all positions.

The program also displays the game on your PC via the serial monitor so you can play against the controller even without the robot. This is ideal for experimenting with the robot's A.I. My code is not very smart so even at the hardest level you can beat it.

Step 1: Servos and Gearboxes

My robot is made with LOZ blocks, these are a Chinese clone of K'nex but the quality seems to be just as good. Originally I converted 4 of the LOZ geared motors to work as servos but unfortunately the clutch built into the gear train introduced too much play. This reduced the accuracy of the arm too much to be useful.

If you do want to modify these motors they work much better as continuous rotation servos. You might need to change the motors as the original motors are designed for 3V and draw a lot of current. The motors are commonly found in many electronic stores and 6V versions are available.

I still used these for the gripper and raising the balls for collection where accuracy was not important but I found standard servos worked better for positioning the arm and could be integrated into the blocks quite easily.

This microcontroller looks amazing! I think I am going to try something out with it soon. <br>Awesome robot by the way! You got my vote :)
<p>Awsome! I want to learn how to do for my students.I am a teacher. Where can I start it? I am a beginner. Thanks.</p>
Extremly Awesome

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