Tic Tac Toe for Nokia 5110





Introduction: Tic Tac Toe for Nokia 5110

This is classic game of Tic Tac Toe.

It is easy project, all you need for this is:

3 Buttons

Nokia 5110 display

Arduino (I used nano)

Step 1: Nokia 5110

This is very interasting display, it is 84x48 and it works with 3.3V so arduino will have no problems with it.

If you want to use this screen, you will need libary, find the one I used it HERE.

You could just wire it with no resistors and it will be fine, but if you are planning to leave it on for a while you should put resistors(that means if you are programing it or just testing it, you can do that with no resistors, but in other cases you should put them).

You can find datasheet HERE.

I wired pins like this(in parentheses are other names for pins):



PIN10 -D/C;(DC);

PIN11 -CS;(SCE);


Step 2: Buttons

You can wire them like any other buttons you would put in your project, but maybe you will need to change the code then.

Button pins are pin2,pin3 and pin4.

There is 3 buttons, first is for going left, second is for putting X or O and third is for going right.

(Just play few times and you will get it)

Step 3: Code

I made this code, and you are free to change it and do whatever you want with it, I am not great at codding so if you see something that could be better just tell me.

There is one file that you will need to put in same folder as code for it to work it is TicTacToe.c (Dont worry it is in winrar file).

I made some comments in the code, I hope they will be healpfull.

I used LCDassistant to convert photos, you can fint it HERE.

*UPDATE* - I made one with score bar, it is TicTacToev2.zip(hope you like it)

Step 4: Done

Here is video of it, hope you like it.

Follow me for more projects. :D



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Wow, Nice one !!
Buddhi from Sri Lanka

Thank you :)

Why are using a .rar file type. Not many computers have the software to decompress it. Why not just use .zip or just the .ino Arduino file.

I changed it to .zip

I love this kind of informative with practical demo intructables. Thank for sharing.

Thanks :-D