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Me and my brother love to play tic-tac-toe..
so i made a tic-tac-toe from newspaper

for making it we just need
old newspaper

Step 1:

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for making main frame of tic -tac- toe we need total 4 rolls of paper.
for making roll i have taken 2 big pages of newspaper and folded it as shown in photo..
and then made a roll
i fixed that roll using tape
then i arranged four paper rolls so as to form main frame of tic-tac-toe
and then secured them together using tape

Step 2:

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then i made small newspaper rolls to make "x"s and "O"s and fixed them using tape
we need total 5 "X's and 5 "O"s

and our newspaper tic-tac-toe is ready!!!!


AlecMangum (author)2016-03-07

I wonder if you cold make a 3d tic-tac-toe

faiza007 (author)2014-02-04

cool idea..!! :)
you live in mumbai??

prachilele (author)faiza0072014-02-05

thanx :)

not exactly in mumbai.. u can say near mumbai

faiza007 (author)prachilele2014-02-05


Muhaiminah Faiz (author)2014-02-04

looks like fun!

thanx :)

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