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Introduction: Tic-tac Boat

If you are super bored one day and you like to build things, this is somthing fun to do.  this is my first instructable, hope its good!!

Step 1: What You Need

what you need is:
2 tic-tac boxes
2 tooth pics
1 large rubber band
1 small rubber band

Step 2: Step 1

cut (or tear) one of the tic-tac boxes to make your propeller as big or small as you want

Step 3: Step 2

take the larger rubber band and wrap it around the non-ripped tic-tac box

Step 4: Step 3

insert the tooth pics into the rubber band

Step 5: Step 4

wrap rubber band around the tooth pics

Step 6: Step 5

insert the propeller in to the rubber band

Step 7: Step 6

I would recommend that you bend the tooth pics down for more thrust

Step 8: Cool Vid



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