Tick Someone Off Using Their Computer





Introduction: Tick Someone Off Using Their Computer

This will show how to make someone extemly frustrated when they cant click on the computer icons....

Step 1: Say Cheese!

First off, what you want to do is click on your current background so no icon is selected. Then move your cursor off screen so it doesnt show as the background, and press "print screen". (For those of you who arn't to smart with computers, its to the right of the F12)

Step 2: PAINT!!

Next, open up Paint or some other editing program and paste the image from the Print Screen (ctrl+V). Of course, this is just the basic "james bond" prank. You can always draw on the image before saving it and scare them a little. You can even select a little area (as in an icon) and paste it and paste it like crazy, but this only works if the background is solid, and not like mine...

Step 3: RaWr

Now go to >File and click on >Set as Background (centered). You can close out of the image editing program thing you have open. Right click on the desktop and select >New>Folder. Title it something the person will recognize right away, like "NOTHING IMPORTANT" or "PORN". Move every icon into that folder except for the things that create shortcuts, like My Computer and Recycle Bin.

Step 4: END, FIN.

So since you have moved the icons into the new folder, there are fake icons that are on the background now. And if the person you are pranking thinks its something serious, since you didnt move the my computer icon, they can still click on that and try and fix the problem. Haha. Go ahead, try clicking on the fake icons. Go ahead.

Step 5: ...

I wil try and make another instructable using Powerpoint instead of basic paint. But im tired right now, so maybe later. Have fun making people mad!!



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    Works great, I tried it for fun and the effect is really realistic. I attached a screenshot of what it looks like.


    ha ha, it's supposed to be DC for demonicchicken, but that was a looooong time ago.

    you could also auto-hide the taskbar under taskbar properties

    There is also a Windows option that simply disables all icons on the desktop, and that would work as well or better than moving the icons. I believe it's in the Display Properties dialog? I'm on my Mac right now, but next time I boot to XP I'll try and remember to check and make another post here if you can't find it.

    it's in the sort icons by submenu, uncheck it by clicking on it.

    ARRANGE incons by, sorry. On a Mac.

    Yeah thats what i do check out my instructable, Computer Prank NO.1 should be beside here

    sweet instructable what is that background? tell me! please!!!