Here is my entry for TGKTR2. It is an amusement park ride where the riders are on a track and the track swings back and forth.

1sheridan5 years ago
?) cool

FrozenStar6 years ago
Thats really cool Btw you should look into making the swings more even (it seems to dip to one side longer then the other)
jollex (author)  FrozenStar6 years ago
Yeah, I tried countless variations, making it longer and shorter and this was the only one that really worked.
TigerNod6 years ago
Hehe, this is pure amusement. Here in Holland, there is a ride in the "efteling" that looks much like this. You are making a big chance in that contest. Btw, I your new avatar image looks nice!
jollex (author)  TigerNod6 years ago
bullet-head6 years ago
looks real cool
is this a reall ride
jollex (author)  knexsuperbuilderfreak6 years ago
It might be but I've never seen it. I thought of this ride and name myself.
At both ur motos u got both small cogs attacked to the motor side...

if you attack the big on on the motor side it would go faster

Likeing the ida :D
DJ Radio6 years ago
OMG, I have an 8th of the parts needed to build. But, even if i did have enough to build this, i dont have the mind to build non-knex gun stuff like this
pls6 years ago
:O! awesome job, i like the gear mech, but it looks like the crank is going to break>.<
Neat! It looks like that gearbox could not take too much more pressure, but I guess it works. Good Job!
Kiteman6 years ago
You really ought to post a video of it running.
jollex (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I have three of them in the description.
Kiteman jollex6 years ago
I meant an embedded one, posted here.
jollex (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
jollex (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Oh. I will work on that.
arrow shot6 years ago
pretty nice, unless it goes really slow then...video plz?
jollex (author)  arrow shot6 years ago
I posted, three videos.
knexguy6 years ago
Lol, you posted early! Very nice.
jollex (author)  knexguy6 years ago
Skreetsha6 years ago
Lol pretty sweet, dude!
jollex (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago