Here is my entry for TGKTR2. It is an amusement park ride where the riders are on a track and the track swings back and forth.

?) cool<br /> <br />
Thats really cool Btw you should look into making the swings more even (it seems to dip to one side longer then the other)
Yeah, I tried countless variations, making it longer and shorter and this was the only one that really worked.
Hehe, this is pure amusement. Here in Holland, there is a ride in the "efteling" that looks much like this. You are making a big chance in that contest. Btw, I your new avatar image looks nice!
looks real cool
is this a reall ride
It might be but I've never seen it. I thought of this ride and name myself.
At both ur motos u got both small cogs attacked to the motor side...<br/><br/>if you attack the big on on the motor side it would go faster <sup></sup><br/><br/>Likeing the ida :D<br/>
OMG, I have an 8th of the parts needed to build. But, even if i did have enough to build this, i dont have the mind to build non-knex gun stuff like this
:O! awesome job, i like the gear mech, but it looks like the crank is going to break>.<
Neat! It looks like that gearbox could not take too much more pressure, but I guess it works. Good Job!
You <em>really</em> ought to post a video of it running.<br/>
I have three of them in the description.
I meant an embedded one, posted here.
Oh. I will work on that.
pretty nice, unless it goes really slow then...video plz?
I posted, three videos.
Lol, you posted early! Very nice.
Lol pretty sweet, dude!

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