Tidying Up the Hose Reels





Introduction: Tidying Up the Hose Reels

A really short, easy one today

Step 1: I Like to Be Able to Neatly Stow Garden Hoses

Unfortunately even commercially bought reels are sometimes not big enough as I have over an acre of garden and 4 hoses.

I bought these hose hooks, but after a year or so they were rusting and looking a bit tatty.

We can do better than that!!

Step 2: Having Access to Scrap Metal Bar Is Handy!

I work at an engineering school, and thus lots of "projects" are carried out then scrapped.

This gives me a constant source of raw material

I found a few pieces of steel bar and bent them to the required shape (I used a bending machine, but they can be bent using a vice, hammer, brute forse and ignorance (and I have plenty of the latter!!)), plus "bopped" a couple of holes in with the hydraulic press (you can drill but this is soooo much quicker (and louder!!))

Step 3: Painted Them With Some "smoothrite"

An outdoor paint and primer in one

Step 4: Attached to Wall

Bolted in position with some roofing screws rescued from a skip (holes in wall are wallplugged)

Step 5: And Hang the Hose

Total cost nothing, nada, not a sausage, bugger all!

Result as far as I am concerned!!



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    Good idea, just a couple of things for future reference... You should have mounted it higher so the hose doesn't touch the ground, looks neater that way. Secondly you have drilled into the brick which would be hollow and so a rawl plug, anchor bolt is less effective. You should drill into the mortar joint as that way the fixing will be stronger. It also mean if you wanted to get rid of the holes later on your could just fill with a little cement and not be left with a hole in the brick.

    The original was drilled into the brick, I have drilled into the mortar joint, As for height I have just put the hose away quickly, usually I roll it tighter so it will clear the ground. On the original bracket(first pic where the brick was drilled) which is a different location to the final pic I reused the holes rather than drilling more as they are solid engineering bricks