Tie Any Cord in a Couple of Seconds!




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Introduction: Tie Any Cord in a Couple of Seconds!

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Here is how to tie any cord in 30 seconds!

Step 1:

Start by putting the cable between the second and third finger, then by wrapping the cable around the first finger and then the last.

Step 2:

Continue to wrap the cord until a few inches of cord are left hanging. Then, take off the wrapped cord off your fingers. At last, with the last piece left hanging, wrap the wrapped cord in the center.

Step 3: You Are Done!

Now enjoy more time without that annoying cord left lying around!

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    I use an alternative, simpler and quicker method. Fold the cable into a loop half the size of the cable. Fold the loop in half again and repeat until the loops are about 9 inches long then tie the bunch of loops in a simple, loose overhand knot. It takes longer to describe that to do and can be done with long heavy cables. It also makes it much easier to straighten for use.

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    You are right, long heavy cables are hard to tie using my method. I guess that my method is more for thin cables than the thick ones.